Diet Coke???

Does anyone know why we're not allowed Diet coke on LLL??? It has virtually no calories in it!!??? I only ask as I've done Atkins before, and Diet coke got me through it!!

On my first day today, not really enjoying it so far. Vanilla shake wasn't great and pasta carbonara - oh dear, really didnt like that. Heres hoping my soup will be better.

Oh well, I'll stick with it.
Diet coke contains citric acid which takes some people out of ketosis. It is not allowed n the LL plan.
Jennie.c said:
You can have coke zero though

Not officially you can't. If you want to stay on plan you shouldn't have nay of these. If you are happy to go off plan than coke zery would be the way to go.
I think we have had a conversation about diet drink before on this forum and the camp seems to be split between those who think it is OK and those who think it is definitely a no no. I am in the second camp. I beleive that if you are doing LL you need to do it by the book. Otherwise how else will you know if it is or isn't working?

Diet drinks are just a construct from the soft drinks industry to make people drink their products. They contain nothing which is good for your body and are addictive. Your LL journey should be about removing things from your diet and replacing them with foods which are good for you. Try your best to get past this addiction and you will learn than nothing in your diet is there as a crutch.

if you are using a food to "get you throough" the diet then you have an emotional atachment to that food. tHAT IS SOMETHING WHICH YOU NEED TO ADDRESS OR YOU MAY JUST END UP PUTTING THE WEIGHT BACK ON ONCE YOU REACH THE END. wHAT IF YOUR EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO CHOCOLATE BISCUITS COMES BACK?? (sorry about the caps - I am not shouting, just a poor touch typist!)
My counsellor said coke zero will not kick you out of ketosis as it has no citric acid

I have continued to drink it through my journey and still lost 16.5 lb in 4 weeks doing the light plan. I will continue to do so until it effects my weight loss