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Diet Fizzy Drinks


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There is so much hype at the moment about how bad drinks such as Diet Coke (containing aspartime) & just wondered what dieters general stance is on them.

I don't drink a lot of fizzy drinks, however I'm partial to Diet Coke/Coke Zero which I drink out of a 'kiddy cup' in order to curb my sweet tooth cravings! Calorie wise, this is so much better than eating a chocolate bar. I also treat myself to sugar free Red Bull every once in a while.

My general stance on the matter is if you don't drink too much of it & brush your teeth well, I don't really think its going to do you any long term damage.

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If we believe everything we read and see on TV then we would never eat or drink anything. Everything in moderation is what I say!


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Exactly! Positive outlook.


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I only occasionally have a fizzy diet drink as a treat. Even the diet ones are bad for your teeth, and you shouldn't brush your teeth within an hour of drinking them as the acid mobilises the calcium in your teeth and then you brush it away if you brush before the hour. I think this is the same with sugar and fruit juices, which I've only found out recently. I don't have good teeth.
I used to drink a horrific amount of diet coke but changed my addiction to sugar free pink grapefruit juice. I have to admit I do feel better for it and I think I enjoy my occasional diet coke more now that its more of a treat.

Just discovered sugar free Red Bull today... Ill be buying that again... tastes pretty awful but my goodness its good lol
I must admit that I'm also a diet coke addict. I've tried cutting back and treating myself to one a day. I find that it helps me from snacking at night...so it saves me major calories.


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I used to get through loads of diet coke but now I drink a lot of sparkling water, either plain or flavoured. I feel so much better for it
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I actually find that too much sugar free stuff affects me very badly.I have have been consuming a lot of sugar free gum/sweets/drinks since I was teenager (so like 16 years). Now I find that it can actually trigger a hunger response, cause my throat to hurt and leaves me with a taste of sweetener all day in my mouth. But then that is over use so I only have myself to blame on that. But once in a while is not to bad I would think as long as you don't have any joint disorders oh and don't over consume unless your near a bathroom!

**ETA- Also beware the tummy bloating with fizzy drinks - not good!


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i used to drink loads of fizzy drinks and decided enuff was enuff, now i drink gallons of no added sugar squash as im not keen on water though i do manage a couple of litres when im out in the sun, but i do enjoy the squash now ive manage to retrain my taste buds and i find i get a headache if i drink fizzy drinks.
I don't drink the fizzy (much) either. Only when I am really watching it around holidays and stuff - mostly I am a tea person - Iced or otherwise. We have a relative that drinks large amounts of caffeinated soda daily and we keep trying to tell her it is bad for her. But she will not listen. Need some ammo.
I think "diet" drinks are a waste of time, aspartame is much worse for you than anything in normal fizzy drinks, I would much rather have the calories than that stuff.
I think drinking smoothies and cordial is the best solution and treat yourself to a fizzy drink every now and again.

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