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Just been told by a friend that the dietimeals are very similar in nutritinal value to the exante shakes. I am desperately missing savoury food and annot stand the shakes! Dietimeal do chilli, spag bol, cottage pie and omelettes! Does anyone think it will cause a problem to mix and match?

I am growing very tired of the shakes and wondering if this might help me stay on track but wondered what everyone else thought on the matter! Or if anyone else does this
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I think dietkitty does but I dont know that its necessarily recommended. Not sure mixing and matching is a great idea.

Why dont you do Working Solutions??? That way you can have a meal every day. It sounds like youd benefit from that jools. Im not sure TS is the way for you to go when youre struggling like this.

Personally I dont see the point in adding another diet into the mix when Exante offer the idea solution
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I dont really want to go up a plan to be honest, otherwise I would have long ago.

I was just thinking of having one of the dietimeals once a day instead of a soup!
But you dont know for sure that youre getting all the nutrients you need. You say they look similar but the things that are missing could be important. The packs are all done so we get absolutely everything our body needs.

If thats the way you want to go youd be better counting it as a 4th pack per day. Have your 3 Exante ones then a Dietimeal. 200 cals a day isnt going to have much impact on your losses.
Good Idea starlight, they are 131 calories so I could do that, I will try and just use them in an emergency but these would be brilliant for when we have dinner parties etc and I wont be such a social outcast!

I decided that I want to continue exante after xmas and get to my goal weight this way, so if these meals make it more bearable then it has got to be a good thing!


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Yup, I used them from week 2 (cottage pie and spag bol) as I couldn't stand the soups but needed a savoury meal as I really don't have a sweet tooth. Did me no harm at all. I checked out the nutritional values at the time and they were very similar to a soup. I guess the only thing to do is buy a box and see how you go. If I remember rightly you need a magnifying glass for the nutrition info on the box lol.
If I couldn't have had these I would have had to give up after only a couple of weeks as all that sweet stuff was putting my teeth on edge!!
Thank you dietkitty, what did they taste like? I just ordered some. I am like you and all the sweetness is becoming a bit sickly to me now
had the spag bol tonight! it was lush :) this could be my saviour, really filling aswell. I am using 2 sachets instead of my third shake as you need 2 to make it a meal replacement
Google search Avidlite laurie =)

I'd never even heard of these before your post Jools... and I'm a little unsure why the 'Dietimeal' forum is a sub-forum of Celebrity Slim since it doesn't seem to have anything to do with CS *shrug*

I've only got soups and shakes left at the moment, though I have at least a months supply so I don't want to order a new Exante pack just yet. And after looking on this site, I see there's some TFR bars. It says 7 in a box but with you saying you need 2 to count it as a meal replacement I'm not sure it's worth it ...do you know if that's the case with the bars too? Or are you just having 2 to make it the equivalent of Exante?
yes it's two for the bars aswell. I love the exante products so as I ordered 3 months worth I will be carrying on, I just hate the soups! So two if these dietimeal packs is the equivalent to the soup (although I think it's actually lower in carbs)

They deffo havent affected my losses either i started this week at 14st 13 and today I am at 14st 9lbs so a 4lbs loss so far this week! I am hoping to whizz through the 14s :D


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does it actually make spag bol or am i being thick LOL

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