DIETING QUEEN's WEEK2 WI=1lb down!!! Sorry for the late post x

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by dietingqueen, 10 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have been lurking here for a week or so, and started WW on Wednesday so Day three today.... i have lost most of my weight on CD/LL just onto the last 10% :)

    I have posted once or twice so thought i better introduce myself... I do have a diary in the members section, your welcome to check it out x i'll use this for my WW queries.

    I am on 19 points a day, and all is going well so far x

    Nas x
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  3. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Good to see you on WW board, hopefully, you'll find this is the diet to get rid of last 10% and help you maintain. Looking forward to hearing your first loss.
  4. lydia150970

    lydia150970 Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck x
  5. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    Thank you both x

    nas x
  6. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

    It's good to have you with us :):):)
  7. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Pleased to have you with us

    Irene xx
  8. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

    Welcome and goodluck!
  9. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    Thank you.... i'm very pleased to be here!!!!

    i thought it wud be hard eating after doing CD lol... but nahhhh loving it... and love working out how to spend my points to my advantage... :) x
  10. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Welcome hun,lovely to have you with us xx
  11. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    Hey hun :)
    Good luck for Wk1 on WW :)
    Hope you´re doing ok :)
    Love K xxx
  12. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    thanks Gemma x

    LOOk at u hun... can't keep away can ya!!!! :) Hope lunch was nice, and ya got a spot of shopping done!

    Nas x
  13. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Nice to have you with us,how much more do you wanna loose,as you have lost a lot of weight havent you already?
  14. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. This eating lark is great isn't it? How much have you lost so far and how much still to go?
  15. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    I got down to 10 st 5lb with LL:D( top end of my healthy BMI), Feb 2007, was fine till September 2007, than between than and May 2008 gained 2 1/2 stone:eek::eek:. went back on CD, lost 2 stone:p, than started fasted... and lost the plot, resulting in a 7lb gain!! :eek:

    so want to lose 18lb's to get me to 10st 5lb.... need to learn portion control, and how much my body actually needs at a smaller size, at 10st 5 i went back to eating like i was 15/16 stone!!!

    so this is a lifestyle change for me x
  16. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    LOL karen I answered Gemma before reading your post... duhhh!!! I was 16 1/2 stone at my biggest, currently 11st 9lb... aiming for 10st 5lb x
  17. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    Can anyone help.... i just had a sainsburys BGTY cauli cheese, was 115 kcals for 1/2 a portion.. 3.6g fat... i had double so 230 cl's ( i worked it out as 4 points) but wen i went on ww e source it came up as 3.5 for half a pack!!!!! have i worked it out right on the cals i mentioned???
  18. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Wow. You've done really well so far - good luck getting over the last hurdle x
  19. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    According to my points calculator it's four points.
    dietingqueen likes this.
  20. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

    Thanks Karen.... was yumm.... had it alone.... both portions.... feel so fulll followed by the belgian choc n vanilla mousse... so a meal for 6 points.... think i'll save the 3.5 left over for my meal out on Sunday x
  21. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    sounds lovely

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