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Do we get taller as we lose weight?

I know this might seem a bit random but i feel like i have got taller..having lost 8st plus i was wondering if it compresses the spine when you are heavier..

I have a pair of trousers that used to sit lovely with some heels i have...after having lost the last 2 st i just tried them on and they now seem shorter...

Normally when ya lose weight ya clothes hang better and appear longer..

Am i having a blonde moment or does anyone think i should get the tape measure out and see how tall i am lol..xx
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That's a really interesting point Valentine, I do hope so because that would mean I could get to my target BMI quicker, as I would be taller! Lol x

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i am going to get my OH to chalk me up against a wall bare foot first thing in the morning Andie..like you do with ya kids when they are little lol.. Its the only way to find out xxxxx
S: 14st13lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st13lb(12.92%)
Hehe! Might try that meself! Makes alot of sense tho doesn't it? I mean if you're heavier then in theory it should depress your spine, joints etc. So equally if you're lighter less pressure! X

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I think I'm generally standing up straighter, not sure if I'm actually taller though (well, except I'm happier wearing heels more often!)

Now if I could gain an inch, that would be great, my bmi would go down :D
well i always thought i was "just" about 5ft 6" more 5ft 5 and 3 quarters..

measured up today and i have either been wrongly measured by doctor in past or i have indeed grown taller...OH did the measuring as he is completely OCD and i am indeed a few mm under 5ft 7" ..defo not the just about 5ft 6" height anymore...

seeing as i have lost so much weight i am going to ask my doc to re record my height when i go to see him next ...see what he makes of it xxx


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I think it will be down to posture, like Rachel suggests. I thought I was 5'8" and I now seem to be 5'7".

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