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Do You Average A Stone A Month?

Now I know we all lose weight at different rates and most of us have blips from time to time so this isn't an exact science. But from your CD experiences, have your weight losses averaged at the suggested stone a month?

Trying to set myself some goals but don't want to be unrealistic.

Thanks in advance
K x
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100% a stone a month for everyone I know who has done this. This is my second time round. First time a stone a month and this time round I have already done a stone in my 1st 2 weeks so I still believe it... xxx


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I would love it to be a stone a month .....i am 100% so would love a stone a month !!..i think it will always come off quick in the befgging then slow down a bit as u go along x


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when i did cd first time around my losses fell into a pattern of 4lb, 3lb then 7lb every week, so i was losing a stone every 3wks, but did do alot of walking
Thanks guys. I do have a lot to lose so assuming my first few weeks will be good losses, but not sure what it levels off at.

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Lol @ Ab Fab....well dont' we all chick.
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Thank you
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When I gave CD afive week run last time I lost

Start 14 st 6, 9.5 lbs, 4lbs, 5 lbs, 4.5 lbs, 4 lbs.

I usually top the stone a month with an extra lbs or two, BUT I do stick to it 100% and drink all my water and all my shakes.


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It is only an estimation, but if you use my spreadsheet (under sticky Graph/Spreadsheet thread) the newest version estimates your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) for your current weight. This is the estimated number of calories your body needs to remain at the same weight when sedentary. If you take this figure and work out your calorie defecit you can estimate your weight loss once in ketosis.

For example, lets say your BMR is 2000Kcal, and you are taking in 500Kcal a day, that means a calorie defecit of 1500Kcal per day. 1 lb of fat equates to about 3700Kcal, so 3700/1500 gives approximately 2.5 days to lose a pound, or around 3 lbs a week .... which is just short of a stone a month. Remember, BMR is what you need if sedentary, and none of us are which means that your calorie defecit is greater, so the weight losses will be a little faster .... hence the stone a month being achieved by virtually everyone.

The heavier you are, the higher you BMR so the greater your calorie defecit and the faster your loses. As you get lighter your BMR comes down, your calorie defecit decreases, and so does the rate of weight loss.


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My losses are below in my signature. I've been doing this since Jan 2nd, and have lost 4stone 1lb so far.
Wow, well done all of you, your losses are amazing.

Thanks Steve...I think, Lol. I'm a little confused so am going to look at the spreadsheet to see if I can make a bit more sense of it. Cheers.

K x

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