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Do You Cheat


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On weigh day once ya got weighed,my friend always does wether she gained or lost,i never have because i think that even though you been weighed its going into the next weeks results and if i cheat that day i feel that i would have to be 110% the rest of the week
Whats your opinion on this?
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I go to sw with my mum on wednesday morning and we always go for lunch and have a treat,i think we all need treats now and again and it doesn't seen to make a difference.I really look forward to it :)


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I dont count it as a cheat. I count it as a treat,

Completely agree :D

We all need our treats, it keep me going. I did it every Tuesday night and lost 3 stone. Usually had chinese, pizza, fresh filled pasta and sauce, garlic bread etc etc and chocolate.

I don't do it so much now but I do have a treat weekend instead.

Of course, if you have these treats, you have to undo the extra cals but if you stick to plan for the rest of the week then it works. It's up to you, have a treat if you want to but if you don't, then don't.

SW has flexible syns for a reason - WI day is one of them!! ;)


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Hey thought I'd reply as there have been no "no" replies yet. I used to always do this when I was following WW, but since starting slimming world I havn't done it once. I don't feel like I'm on a diet at all, and I don't feel like I'm missing out. I think all the healthy food I'm eating is keeping the cravings away as not once in 5 weeks have I wanted to go over my Syns. I guess if it works then you're fine, but I just don't feel the need :) xx


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I go on Wednesday evenings but I treat it as any other day. I have, on the odd occasion, been so ticked off with my lack of weight loss and had a couple of extra drinks to cheer me up but cut back in the following days so back in line!
Funny enough my consultant asked us who did cheat after WI.... and quite a few do, with the likes of fish and chips etc. but on the whole they all do ok anyway!


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 21.5 Loss: 1st7lb(13.64%)
thats how i feel julianne,in fact as i do ee all my syns are generally for goodies and im finding im even struggling to use the syns im allowed for that day.if i go out i would have a desert because i like puddings lol so have treat now and again doing that


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Lets not call it a cheat - it make it sound so naughty!!

SW is a plan for life, not just for losing weight but for carrying on being a healthy weight thereafter. It's great if you can be 100% and never go off plan whilst losing but on the flip side of that we shouldn't feel guilty for having a treat - we just don't have them as often as we used to pre SW days!!
I agree jaylou, cheat sounds so different to treat. Im going to be watching my weight for the rest of my life, the last thing I want is to get into the mindset that going out or eating unhealthily once every so often is a cheat. I stick 100% to my diet from Tues morning til Monday evening and my treat night is the one time I dont count Syns etc.

Mrs V

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I dont cheat...or have treats after I have weighed, as I know that my will power isnt strong enough to stop at the one day or evening. Mine would suddenly become the week, suddenly the weekend and then Im back to a Monday morning and weigh in!!!
I dont feel as if Im on a diet/ healthy eating plan anyway, so never feel as if Im depriving myself. If I fancy a curry (as is my downfall), I will make a syn free one, pizza - smash one...I just look for alternatives.
Some people can get away with it...unfortunately Im not one of them!


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I have to say im a NO! I agree with the other no's i just dont feel i need it. I enjoy doing sw so much it just doesn't feel like a diet and as Mrs V said i could trust my self to just one night!! If i want something i will just syn it but if it works for some people, lucky them!!! lol


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No, I don't cheat either. My losses have always been very slow, so if I were to cheat, I would probably end up putting on weight. I just have treats that are on plan. xx


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I dont but it could be so easy for me to do so because there is a chippy next to the church hall where my class is! :eek:

On the walk home i have been tempted because of the smell but i haven't.....yet!

I do have my evening meal after weigh in though but its just normal as i would any other day, dont have any extra syn's with it or anything.
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I don't :D

If I've got plenty of syns left from the week, then after WI I will 'use them up' but by having something syn-counted. Even if that's a curry like a biryani that I know is 11 syns. It's an indulgence, but I count it all.

Then start my weekly syns afresh on Thursday morning.

I agree that we shouldn't call it cheating or being naughty! It's being flexible. Also, I kinda think we shouldn't call it 'treats' either. Controversial this, but I am in a mood for prompting discussion!
Why should we, for being healthy, reward ourself with a 'treat' of bad foods that are high in fat and sugar? I know we all like to have something less-good (;)) now and again, after all that's part of being normal! But why spend all that time and effort putting good stuff into your body to then reward yourself with crap!?! LOL!

You might say, "well, I eat fabulously well in order to lose weight, but also so I can allow myself something less-good once in a while," and that is totally fair enough. But why not make a treat something else non-food related? Or see strawberries or pineapple as a treat?

Don't get me wrong, I eat less-good stuff in ample quantities. If you've seen my dessert photo you'll know that! But perhaps we should get out of calling it a treat?

Argumentative phase over ;)

Mrs V

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Lol Hellie...I agree with you totally on this one!


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Hmm, trust you to put a different spin on the treat/cheat debate :D

Of course, I do agree with you though, it's quite true - I also see good foods as a treat, my strawbs out of the garden are a treat, esp if I get them before the birdies do.

So, it's not a treat, it's not a cheat, it's not falling off the wagon, it's not going off plan, it's this - it's LIFE and it's just the way we eat.



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ha i opened a can of worms yet again he he,right off to take the dog a walk before it rains again

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)

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