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Do you dress differently?

I was looking on the "clothes for inspiration" thread - and then went off to look for some clothes to put on there myself - and you know what?

I found myself looking at exactly the same kinds of clothes I ALREADY wear and thinking "Mmm that might be nice, it would hide my fat tummy/cover up my bum" - and then I realised - I can't stop thinking like a fat person!!!:(

When I get to goal I am going to be HOPELESS at shopping - I simply don't know how to put an outfit together, or what suits me- I am so used to just wearing "camouflage" ie jeans or black trousers and a "big top"!

Does anyone else feel like that?:confused:
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Oh no! Everything i wear now i wear because i have to as i'm making the best of a bad situation. Its not what i would choose to wear if i had any choice.
Everything I would actually 'want' to wear i can't because i'm too big and it either doesn't come in my size or it would look positively awful with all the lumps and bumps!
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When I got down to 12st ish in 2006, I still had a 'tummy' as it's my major problem area and so DID choose clothes that wouldn't highlight that fact. At first, I found myself looking at the same old baggy 'cover-ups' I had in the past when I was 22st but gradually I found myself experimenting with patterns and colours and wearing more fitted (but still covering the tummy) tops.
I even bought a lovely strapless dress from Monsoon and wore it to a family do last February.

I think it just takes a little time for the head to catch up with reality - I never reached goal so didn't quite crack the 'thinking thin' mindset (I always felt like an obese person temporarily living in a thinner body) but this time I'm going to work harder at the psychological aspect of becoming a slim person ... maybe that way I have a better chance of staying there.

I used to smoke up to 30 cigs a day but gave up in the late 70s. I now consider myself a NON-smoker... not an EX-smoker. That's how I want to get with my weight ... I want to feel like a SLIM person - not an EX fatty :)

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I watchen Trinny and Susannah when they did about the 7(ish) types of body that you have. I always thought I was an hourglass, but turns out, I'm a skittle! They showed how to dress that type of figure and I took the leap of faith and bought stuff I would have NEVER worn.

And do you know what???

They were right! Everyone at school now comments on how well I dress and that my figure always looks amazing!! (Although the loss of 5 stone surely helps that!).

Its worth getting a personal shopper for a day at one of the big department stores to help you if you're stuck in a rut, or buy one of Trinny and Susannahs books! I also watch Gok Wan on TV and see how he dresses people of my shape.


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I have found the opposite has happened to me!

I have gone from wearing looser-fitting clothes and longer skirts to wearing closer-fitting and shorter skirts/dresses - to the knee instead of to the ankle!

I am wanting to show off my new-found waist and so-much-thinner legs!

I want people to see the new me, not hide away!

Hi, I'm like soontobegorgeous...I was wearing baggy trousers and long skirts and now my whole wardrobe is skinny jeans and short skirts and I am loving it! I adore clothes now whereas I hated them when I was a big size and shopping is fun now! I used to hate going out socially because nothing suited me and now I take ages getting ready because there's so much choice...yippee!
I'm still finding it really hard to get my brain in gear, I was at ASDA the other day and saw a 24 label in the sale and practically launched at it because you don't see many in the sales, then my brain kicked and in .... NOTHING in a 16 hee hee xx I am wearing a bit different but intend to get some help when I'm at goal and not keeping our local charity shop going, it's like a swap shop for me xx
Im wearing more fitted tops, shorter in length too and in every colour imaginable, not my usual navy/black.

Ironically being tall Ive never been able to find really long skirts, now that Ive lost so much weight my skirts have all dropped several inches, some are now ankle length.

My style hasnt changed drastically, just subtley but its definitely changing :)
I haven't the foggiest idea about clothes, having been big for the last ten years. I do worry though as the clothes I see in the shops are quite fussy and i'm not that keen.

I certainly haven't changed the style of clothes I wear yet, despite weighing 6 stone less, because I can't see that my body has changed at all, although it must have done. When I'm shopping I head for virtually the same clothes as I already have in my wardrobe, only in smaller sizes. I hope my head will catch up one day!
My daughter always told me I looked bigger because I wore big clothes to cover up and it is true. Now I am slim, I always buy clothes that hug my figure and show it off. My Mum who has lost 4 stone kept wearing her loose clothes and I've finally persuaded her to wear tight clothes and she is amazed by all the positive comments she now gets!

It's amazing what wearing the right clothes does and how it makes you feel.


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And let us not forget dear GOK WAN it is the UNDIES that help the best.

I was wearing a measured 42B from M&S, but went to an independent who measured me a 36D!!! The difference was amazing, cos all of my back flab was tucked in and I had no bulges even compared to the bigger band size I was wearing. :eek: So then I went to figleaves.com and got some magic knickers. They do reviews on most of the products so you can choose from there. I bought the cheapest magic knickers at £7.50 and they are fab. (have gained weight since that first measuring, but went for a new bra and back flab has again alomost disappeared):character00238:

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