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Do you ever just feel fat and UGH!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by jessiepie1982, 11 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. jessiepie1982

    jessiepie1982 Full Member

    I weigh in tomorrow and if today's sneak weight is anything to go by I have gained 3 pounds. GREAT....
    I blame my diabetes and the couple of low days I have had.
    Iv just been to the gym. I think my body is ok apart from my hideous stomach which sticks out. Does anyone have problem areas that they hate ?
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  3. clairelt1

    clairelt1 Full Member

    Yep stomach and hate my fat bits on my back!! But you never know, your scales could be wrong today!
  4. hanah1471

    hanah1471 Member

    Feeling 'fat and UGH' is pretty much my daily life. New year new me though and all that so I won't be feeling like that for much longer! We can do this!
  5. jessiepie1982

    jessiepie1982 Full Member

    Yes we can do this!!!! I have just been shopping in Tesco and almost a few times though 'sod it iv gained anyway' but I was strong and didn't. I treated myself to some grapes and double choc alpen light bars instead ☺️
  6. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    So feel ugh. Some days I wake up and feel heavy, some days I wake up and feel light, but all days I wake up and look in the mirror, yuk to what I see. But it will disappear. I've got to remember that only I can do it!!!
  7. hanah1471

    hanah1471 Member

    Exactly! Only you can do it. Too long I've sat around and just expected something to happen but now I'm finally taking it seriously and making it happen!!
  8. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    I used to get that feeling all the time - just everything combined made me feel lousy. Being tired, achey, not being able to bend over comfortably, having my trousers dig into me, extra wobbles on my back.... Now I feel a lot better, though when I see photos I realise I still have a fair way to go (that double chin...).
  9. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    I hate everything about my body apart from my hands because they're slim haha.

    I'd cry so much about how I hated myself how I knocked myself sick yet I wouldn't do anything about it despite knowing if I didn't stop id have no clothes that would fit me.

    But here we are and this is why we are going on this journey together xx
  10. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    I feel like this every day!! I honestly can't remember a day when I didn't feel fat - hopefully that day is coming though!
  11. hanah1471

    hanah1471 Member

    I feel the same about my feet and ankles ahah, only thing is they look really out of proportion.
  12. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    stick with it...i always remind myself i didn't put on 3 stone in 3 weeks, so i can't expect to drop it in 2!

    Its a marathon not a sprint!!
  13. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    Oh my word- yes!!!
    I feel like this all the time and I'm now probably only about 7Lbs from target ( haven't set this officially though) Even when I get to target, there's no getting rid of the unsightly stretch marks or cellulite (I exercise regularly and it won't budge.
    I think I'll always feel this because I've been fat and psychologically that has an effect!!
    On the plus side, there's also been days when I've felt I looked ok which I never used to have! To be honest, I can't say that there's one part of my body that I like however, what I do know is that I'm fitter and healthier than ever before, the lowest weight I've been since I was a child and I'm me!! This is the plan I'll be following for life to make sure I never face obesity again!!
    All the very best with your weight loss. X
  14. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    Wow steph. Thanks for your comment. I think its true that we become so focused that loosing the weight will make it all better and loose sight of the fact that its our health that actually benefits. You see it all the time , people who are skinny / tiny who think they are ugly, too fat ect... They don't realise that they have already won the battle of the body and only their minds need to see it. IYKWIM

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