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Do you get sick of the food?



Hi broxi
just had a delivery with meals i 've not tried, but so far enjoyed most of them..
I thought some of the soups were a tad
to strong should have said they were tomato based..think it was minestrone..
some people dont like the nakd bars u get personally i like them just comes down to a matter of taste...:)
Hi broxi.
I'm into my 8th week of DC and if I'm completely honest, I have gotten bored/fed up with some of the dinners, so I've been replacing them with healthy alternatives. In a way I think this is a good thing because it's teaching me to choose the "right" kind of foods for myself. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy some of the meals and have my favourites, but I think as time goes on you realise you might be slightly going off some things. This may just be me though, as I have a tendency to get bored very easily lol.
I guess you'll just have to see for yourself though.
Good luck for when/if you start DC! :)
Hi Diversity, I'm looking at your losses which are fantastic by the way but I was just wondering if you knew why you gained this week. Were you off plan or did it just happen?
Thanks. :)
I was off plan for most of the weekend - nothing too severe but I ate way too many cookies and also it's my TOTM so that probably didn't help either.
I'm back on track now though and hoping for a loss next week.

How are you finding JUDDD?
JUDDD is easy but I've not lost weight so far but might be because I came off CD SS to do it and you always gain about 4lbs when you come off that. I am going to go with JUDDD to see if it works cos suits me as I have to sit round a table every lunch time and watch people eat a beautiful home cooked meal and can't heat DC soup up. But keep looking at the food in my box and really want to try it too. Your losses are good. I get paid on Thursday , a week today, so was going to order the month and get week free but will see how I'm doing with JUDDD by then.


Stubborn and doing it
Yep, I get bored. Been on and off DC for a year and losing weight in small packages. I mix it up with a bit of this and that and sometimes a month of Go Lower. Just to break up the boredom.
What's Go Lower like, Caroline? Is it very similar to DC?
broxi, I hope JUDDD brings you the results you want; it sounds like a good diet, mixing the calories up and whatnot. Let us know how it goes! :)


Stubborn and doing it
Go Lower is very similar to DC in that it is packaged food - but you just add green/white veg and a handful of berries. It's "low" carb (about 50g a day) hunter gatherer eating. I was on it for a while and lost a lot (about 2.5 stones) but then dad died and I regained plus some! It is expensive though - when I started there was no DC.

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