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Do you remove the fat before or after cooking


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Always before if I am doing green as you get more meat that way.If i cut it off afterwards, especially with bacon, i would be so tempted to eat it. xx
I cut the fat off bacon or gammon before I cook it but with chops (my favourite) and steaks I leave the fat on whist cooking because i think they look nicer on my plate with the fat on and because I find it difficult to cut the fat off them when they are raw.
I love the fat off chops, I have to really concentrate to throw it away IYKWIM
Surely you have to remove the fat before you cook the meat otherwise it will be absorbed during the cooking and no longer be syn-free?
Agreed! I always remove it before, otherwise what's the point of things like Fry-light? You might as well just use oil or lard!! Well, that's IMO! :D
You can leave it on and then remove but SW say "trimmed of all visible fat before cooking" - however, when cooking a whole chicken you don't remove the skin before cooking do you? Well, I don't and believe me, it's a killer throwing that away!


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I buy rotisserie chickens then de-skin for me and leave on for OH, when i get an extra tasty one, oh my days it's like murder!

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ALWAYS remove any fat or skin BEFORE cooking meats or chicken but don't throw it away - the birds love it, so chop it all up with scissors and put it out on the bird table! Easy! - It definitely wouldn't have reached the bird table before I started Slimming World though - that's why there are a lot of "fat birds" around my way - lol!

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