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Do you think this is good enough to take to class for 'before and after pictures'


Nojo on the YoYo
I usd toweigh 23 stone, but no pictures of this exists... but my sister rooted out some hideous pics of me from a Christmas a couple of years ago where i'd got down to 18 stone. The difference in the pics is 18 stone and 14 stone or size 22 and size 16.

I really REALLY can't tell much difference!!! :cry: I've become a little bit body dysmorphic over the years I think!!

(they are actually 'after then before' but you know what I mean)

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You do look really different!! Especially on your face.

Your baps however, are still massive!!! ;) I'm just jealous xxx


Nojo on the YoYo
i'm trying to work out the dates, and I think that the pic on the bottom is closer to 19 and a half stone and the one above i'm like 18 something... but ugh. 14 stone is still 4 stone too huge.

The fancy dress pictures are from July 11th, the wedding from July 4th.


Is so very nearly there!
Lovely and yes you can tell the difference :)

You look lovely!


Nojo on the YoYo
I don't feel it :(

Am having a bad self-image night I think. May just turn in for the evening. Methinks * week is on it's way...
Wow what a difference, you look gorgeous!! You should be very proud sweety :) xxx
yeah you have defo changed. i had to take pics in last week i've lost about 2 stone and i couldn't see a differnce myself but people were shocked by the difference, i think its hard because you see yourself in the mirror every day and its hard to notice the change. but you do look very differnt in the before and after pics. well done !!!! :)


I want to be fitter again
I think anyone who has been a serial dieter has some body dysmorphia and nothing we tell you will make much difference but tough because. . . THE CHANGE IS AMAZING !! Also as I have said on another thread, you have a wicked sense of humour. So soon you will be thin and have a lovely personality as well. What more can a girlie need. Well done hun xx


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Get your specs on girl- there's a HUGE difference. You look great!


Nojo on the YoYo
Morning peoples. Sorry about this post last night, was having a crisis of confidence... AND, I was right! Bloody * week arrived this morning, just in time for the washout that is the Bank Holiday weekend.

I'm just glad I booked it off! :-(

But thanks all for your sweet comments, they are really really appreciated as always xxxx
Hun...what a huge difference!!!
It is hard for us to see it ourselves and posts like this make us realise just how far we have come.
Its a pain AF has arrived...just got over mine, so know how you feel.
Big hugs.

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