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Do you vary your day types?


Starting Again!
Personally I only do Green days, never done a red day in the 6years I've been on and off SW and I have good losses. It's all down to personal choice, there is definately nothing wrong with changing plans from day to day (or even meals with a certain plan!) Your body might even benefit with the shake up. All down to personal choice. :)
I only started SW properly on Monday but so far have only had green days. I'm not really a big meat eater anyway but just never know what to eat on red days without it turning into an atkins type day lol.

I know a lot of peolpe do alternate red and green tho and still have good weight losses. I used to do mostly red days when I did it last time and the weight loss was pretty fast, averaging out to between 3 and 4lb a week. (lost 2 stones in 7 weeks) :D but was tough as I much prefer carbs so that's how I'm doing it this time. xx


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I've only done EE since I started this time. I like the freedom of having potatoes/pasta/rice with meat without having to get the scales out, and the less I have to calculate the better! I found that I was bloated on green and hungry on red. EE just suits me.
I LOVE the idea of EE days but Im just very wary of them lol Red days Im not keen on so Ill stick with green just now then but I can see me incorporating more EE days as I go along.

I find my problem with red days is what to have with my meat. Seems mad to waste precious Syns on rice noodles or potatoes

Thanks guys good to know sticking with the one type seems ok
I do mojaority red days, I do the odd green day (If I fancy muchy peas lol) and do an EE if I know I am eating out...

It's a personal choice and do what's best for you. If it doesn't work one week, swap to something else :)
I am vegetarian and only ever done green days. I have had good losses and think it is a fantastic plan for those of us who do not eat meat/fish etc
Stick with green if it works for you - plenty of people only do green.

I do mostly green with the odd red and EE chucked in there, depending on what's going on that week and fits in with my antics.

Why not, once you're comfortable with it, introduce one or two EE days so you can have dabble. Plan it out so you know what your one HEA and B are going to be. EE scared the heck out of me at first (and still does a bit) but the weeks I've done one or two days, I think my body liked it and I had a good loss.

No harm in a bit of experimenting :)
I mainly do red, with a green once in a blue moon. I am so used to it now I can't ever imagine changing. But it really is down to personal preference :D


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Yes, I do a mixture of red and green days and have settled well into doing the diet this way now, I have yet to try EE but I do intend to once I feel more secure in the diet, there is so much to learn, and I do learn something every day.


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When I made my first couple of attempts, I wanted to do green days only but my mum (who was doing it with me) said it's better to mix red and green days. I felt in a panic, at the time, about all the carbs I was eating, so I did mix green and red days. :eek: I got very bored and thus, didn't stick to it for more than a few weeks. I'm on EE this time around and I feel much more enthusiastic. I'm loving the variety of food and don't feel like I'm on a diet. I'm a lot more motivated this time too.
Do what ever you think you can stick to without getting bored and going off plan. I have done mostly green days in the past but found it boring so now I am doing the EE plan and it's a life saver for me. So much variation without the kitchen scales, its a dieters dream. If you find that you are getting a bit bored with the same things try and recognise this before it throws you off plan and try a red day for a few days, just for variation.


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I find my problem with red days is what to have with my meat. Seems mad to waste precious Syns on rice noodles or potatoes
Butternut squash is my lifesaver on red days, I have it roasted with some garlic and spices and serve it with chicken, fish, burgers, steak etc etc. OH has his spuds, I have my squash.

I vary my days though, I'm mostly green but do have a couple of red or EE, usually on weekends.
I'm a huge meat eater, but love pasta and potatoes too - so i tend to vary red days with EE and the odd green day thrown in.
I have only started had red yesterday and following green today. Yet to read my ee booklet:eek:

I am a meat girl at heart, and had chicken last night with my hexb jacket potato, laughing cow triangle hexa with loads of salad (fresh from my garden too) and felt sooooo full, it was lush

think I am getting the hang of the lingo:D

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