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doctors orders!!!

I just got the results of my blood test back and my doctor is concerned about my liver. I evidently have fatty enzymes which have actually increased. He told me he wasnt against LT but that if I lose weight too fast it may cause my condition to worsen. He wants me to aim for no more than 2 lbs a week:cry:. S**T!!! I was doing so well and felling so good. should i go for a second opinion? What about 2 shakes a day and a small very low carb dinner? How much will I lose this way? Does anyone have this experience? Please help. Im so sad. Dont know if I should ignore him or not. What about tuna? will eating tuna or chicken breast bring me out of ketosis? Oh im am realy upset. I hope this wont effect weight loss too much.:wave_cry:
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You must be disappointed :( but is it really worth going against your doctors advice and making a condition worse??? If he advises another diet you really should do what he says, hes got your best interests at heart. You can still lose the weight, albeit a little slower, and at least your health isnt going to suffer. A fast weight loss isnt worth it if its going to make you ill.
I agree, I think you should listen to your Doctor. At the end of the day, your health is more important, and if it takes you twice as long to lose the weight than you would on lipotrim then its all for the best hun.

Have another chat to your Doctor and see if he can suggest anything, there might be a clinic at your Surgery or he might be able to refer you to another weight loss clinic.
Im sure you are right sandy, but it is also critical to lose the weight too for other health reasons. Im 5 stone over weight!!! was 6st. over!!! Im feeling so good having lost in just 4 weeks. it seems too soon to come off. I told him I would consider 2 shakes and a light meal. CD is not available to me where I live.
But is it worth replacing one health issue (being overweight) with another (avoidable) one. If you do something like SW or WW you can lose steadily albeit slower. Your weight isnt at a life threatening amount, a lot of people on slower plans have a lot more than that to lose (myself included). I dont know anything about the condition he mentioned and what the implications are if they get worse, would you be ok with it getting worse, would it impact on your life?

Your health is too precious to put in danger. What did he say about your suggestion of 2 shakes and a light meal?? Did he think that was ok?

At the end of the day only you can decide what to do but Id just (personally) be so worried about the implications of going against medical advice

Best of luck whatever you decide.
I will fone him this evening and ask what to do(Im hoping for 2 shakes and a smal meal). It is so hard to go from a great weight loss to a slow weight loss (I have learned so much about my eating behaviour in just a few weeks on LT but would love to continue testin my willpower) i will go have a good cry now and let you know tomorrow. thanks guys
I would phone lipotrim and see what they say about 2 shakes and a meal, but I am sure I read somewhere on here the other day that lipotrim dont recommend that, but I cant remember the reason why.
Hi Well and Good

I'd ask him for a specialist referrral so that the underlying reason for your "fatty liver" (which is a sign that liver cells have been damaged). Also simple fatty liver disease is commonly caused by obesity so you want to find the ensure you have the right reason so that you can make the right informed descisions about your health.

Fatty Liver Disease has more information. I suggest you ask him for some time to really discuss the options now you've had a chance to think. Ask him what specificially about LPT he thinks is the issue (and no i'm not saying he is "wrong", just that I think you are entitled to further discussion on this and an explanation for his advice).


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Is there another doctor in your surgery that you can discuss this with ? Good luck whatever you decide.


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oh honey thats total pants!!!

but ... you should definatly listen to your doctor!

if you read up about the atkins diet that diet also puts you into ketosis so you could do 2 shakes a day and 1 meal but follow atkins for your meal.

chicken & tuna is allowed yes and im pretty sure they wont take you out of ketosis either.

just be sure to keep up your water intake :)
ah thats a pity but your health is so important too, maybe research it a bit more and talk to him again.. hope all works out :)
Thanks summergurl, that is what i was hopeing for and maybe my doctor will meet me half way. I might not lose as much per week but i would still be happy with 12 -14 lbs per month. my pharmacy said it was ok so now I will wait for doctors ok.


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I dont see why it would be a problem chick :)

Just remember - be sensible with that one meal a day and theres no reason why you wouldnt lose each week :D

My GP took me off Lipotrim as my glucose levels were too low, Lipotrim do not advise substituting one shake for a meal as you do not then get the required amount of electrolytes, they say that it is only to be treated as a TFR not as part and part .....
You back on it now Katc?
That is strange that you were on 3 shakes but your glucose was down but LT said you need 3 for your electrolites, coz glucose is part of your electrolites so you should have been getting enough according to LT. HMM!
Glucose isn't an electrolyte. It's something the body makes from food and/or various other sources. If the metabolism that is involved in Glucose production is malfunctioning in some way you can have hypo or hyperglycaemic (blood sugar) attack both of which can be bad. Normally your blood sugar ranges between 4-7 mmols per litre of blood depending on what time of day it is, when you last ate etc.
Could your doctor not offer you an alternative, he can obviously see that you are determined and committed towards loosing weight could he not offer you xenical or reductil? Or would you not want this? its an option?
I dont understand the electrolytes argument that magnesium sodium calcium etc, you shold be able to achieve those with 2 shakes and a meal. I would ask again hun.
Could your doctor not offer you an alternative, he can obviously see that you are determined and committed towards loosing weight could he not offer you xenical or reductil? Or would you not want this? its an option?
Xenical isnt going to speed up the weight loss though. Sounds like wellandgood is motivated enough to stick to a diet, so probably best keeping clear of things like that.

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