Does anyone else feel this way?


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When i started Cd i had the urgency required to loose some weight quickly. I have now got to a more acceptable size, 16, and like the 'safety net' feeling i get from Cd, in terms of nutrients. I feel safe on this diet. However, i am also extremely worried about putting it all back on when i finish, as someone i know has. Therefore my brain is telling me to slow down my weight loss, saboutage myself, so that getting to goal takes forever. At least then it will be forever before i put it all back on again. Does this make sense? Or am i mad?:confused:
Yeah, you are definately mad, no doubt about it! Trouble is so are most of the rest of us. I am not doing CD so can't fully understand but I do know that I am already beginning to sabotage my cal counting plan. Why? I just don't know, I feel better but still have a long way to go so why has the urgency disappeared. Where has my iron will gone? I am still trying and still exercising but no way as committed as I was. Bugger!
Know how you feel. I've only been doing this for 3.5 weeks, but now have lost a fair bit already, am fitting back into my smaller clothes, people are noticing etc. Am beginning to think, oh, I could just have a weekend off etc. But all the talk of the 'chatterbox' on here has got me focused. When I start thinking this, I immediately think - no shut up, and repeat Mike's mantra - NOTHING tastes as good as being slim will feel. Although am changing 'slim' to size 12 ;) in my head.

Have you got an occasion or something that you can focus on, and imagine what it would be like to be a particular size, weight for? I'm thinking Christmas at the moment.

And don't worry. Most people have a little bit of crazyness in them!
You are not crazy babe more like normal.
I agree with wobbly I find having things to get slimmer helps now,I am feeling more comfy with myself,can do things like shop in 'normal' shops for the first time ,so if weight loss slows down thats ok that what 'chatterbox' is saying so I say no I would like to lose x amount by z time find these smaller goals help.
I think this 'crazy diet' is to blam for us all being 'crazy'but nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a totally natural feeling.
You are elated at your losses so far.. as you should be! But this brings with it fears of failing etc.
We all have the same feelings and fears.. lets face it the % of people that truly maintain must be small... BUT we can do it... we've just got to be patient, and TRY!
I was the same I lost on atkins, then stopped as was getting fed up of the foods to be honest. I gained some back as ketosis went and then about 7lb more, in about a year. After trying 4 or 5 times to get back to it, I found CD. :) Now.. i'm here.. struggling again at the moment, but have found you all, and a great source of support.
Fingers x'd we can all find the inner strength and self belief we need!
Whatever happens.. remember you are never alone! ;)