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Does anyone look at old "thin" photos of themselves...

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...and cry :cry:

Just added a photo (my avatar) of myself on holiday in my lovely strapless white bikini before I got pregnant and put on 5 stones... :eek: (On top of the two stone I had put on since this photo was taken...)

Yes hello that was me :wave_cry:

Oh how I long long long to wear that bikini again....
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No- have avoided cameras all my life. I have always had a weight problem in my head and an actual weight problem for about 6 years. If that makes sense??

The photo is fab and a brilliant incentive. You're not basing your ideal on someone else - you're basing it on something realistic. The best you that you can be!!

S: 13st4lb C: 9st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 20.4 Loss: 3st10lb(27.96%)
Does it make it worse to have never been "thin" or to have been thin and then lost it...???? I'm not sure!
Great idea. Ive never been my ideal weight so i dont have a photo to inspire me boohoo. Altho i dont strive for the figure of anyone in particular....i guess i'll know what my ideal is when i get there xx
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I do both the thin ones from before children 22" waist then after the first two chunky monkey pic then after my son I gained 4 stone after my son and have carried it around for 4 years!
I have since shed 2 stone and heading for 1.5 stone loss again.I have my chunky pics and look back before my 2stone I feel very very proud of myself so if your weight has been an issue Always have some Pics taken!!
they remind us of where we have been! slim thin chunky and beyond.
@ Toots don't miss out on the good feelings a photo brings when your target is reached!
the pride will be valued so much more =D
' BUX as for that bikini ooo la la absolutely stunning figure when I was slim I never wore a bikini or a swim suit as my confidence was lol..shall be flaunting one this summer ;] You will be in that again in no time xxxx
I think it must be worse to have been thin then gone up than always been big, I dug out my thin clothes yesterday from when I did cambridge, I put on two stones slowly and craftily and then put on about 4 stones when I was pregnant, Luke is only 11 weeks old so I have the comfort still of thinking I've just had a baby but know that I'm losing all the time,

On cambridge I went to the charity shop and got Jeans in every size down and it was exciting trying on and not being able to get them over my thighs to suddenly having to send them back as they were too big, I've got tight 18's at the moment wearable yet create a rather un attractive muffin, got the sixteens ready ......


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Yes I have my size 8 photos that I gaze at often. Even after my first few pregnancies I was a thin mom. They are real incentive for me just now.


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Yes me! All over my fridge!

It's odd really because when the thin photo's were taken I felt really self concious, thought I was massive compared to everyone else, when really I was so petite!
God I would give almost anything anything right now to snap my fingers and look like that again! x

I think it might be worse to have been thin and then to gain weight, but that's from personal experience.


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I don't think anyone can say what's worse. I've never been thin, but always wanted to be thinner than I am. Like some of the others have said, I've probably been fatter in my head at times than I actually was... all each of us can do is make the most of where we are and where we want to get to.
Looks like a great photo to aim for :)
Hi BB, You mustn't cry hon, I know how you feel I have a few pictures myself but you are doing the very thing that will change the stuff you don't like for the stuff you do, you will be in a white bikini before you know it but a lovely new one, that fits the person you have become with all you have accomplished in the years between - I piled on 8 stone after I married and had my first child (in a year:eek:!) and it has taken me 17 years to lose half of it:rolleyes: but now I'm going to just get on with it and finish and I will and then I will be pleased to get infront of a camera rather than running a mile from it! I hope this made sense, I tend to say the wrong thing or ramble but I wanted to help! Big hugs BB from another bb! X
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Aww thanks bb for that lovely post!!! :grouphug:
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At my smallest I must have been a size 12 thus at 15/16. Then at 19 a size 14/16. All those tyms I thought I was big now I know am mahussive :tear_drop:. Ever since my son (8 1/2 yrs ago) was born av been in my 22/24 clothes. Today am wearing my size 20 Asos dress and 18 cardigan from Next :).

Either way its sad to be big now and not buy from regular shops :tear_drop:.


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I've never been thin or so I thought. I was looking through pictures from just a couple of years ago and some from my teens when I thought I was enormous and I looked fine. I just wish I could have appreciated myself and my body a bit more then.
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Never had a thin photo, and as a keen photographer I'm the one behind the lens all the time. I think one of my goals might be to be in good enough shape to have a picture taken!


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You know I think this thread has shown in many ways that as a group we don't seem to appreciated ourselves no where near enough.

I tell myself often....look at my fat arse...... I'm a stupid pig for eating all the food I have, even swearing at myself! Yet I wouldn't say those things to others, but I will to myself!
Maybe we can all tell ourselves in the morning how lovely our smile is or how much we are loved by others.....whatever works for you.
May help with us thinking we'r ok and appreciating ourselves.

I hope you understand what I mean?!


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I never had thin photo, well the thinnest I got was size 12 but I saw myself as fat, I avoided camera most of my life. Now I wish to get back to that and appreciate myself more.
Buxombarrister you look stunning, that must be very big motivation for you to get back to.


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Never had a thin photo although when I look back on pictures of me when I was younger I do think its mad that I thought I was huge coz compared to now I was positively tiny, lol.
S: 13st4lb C: 9st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 20.4 Loss: 3st10lb(27.96%)
Yup - Can't BELIEVE I ever had any insecurities about my body back when that photo was taken.....

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