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Does anyone plan a treat?


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Hi Everyone = hope you a re having a good Sunday

I was talking with a colleague on friday and it turns out she lost some weight with CD a few years ago. We were talking about thr struggles of SS etc, and she said that the way she got through it was by promising herself a big treat at every milestone - eg a meal out after the first stone/2 stone etc. This sounded like a good idea - but i was wondering if it would really spoil the diet? If I were to say - once i have lost 2 stone i will have a meal wit my husband, whatever I want, and then draw a line and start again - well that would keep me going for weeks, but then you would have to restart and get back into ketosis - does anyone else do this?

For me it appeals because I would rather have a treat as a planned thing rather than a fall off the wagon, but is it just self sabotage? I am in this for the long haul - have 5 st to lose, so I would weslome any advice.

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The idea though of doing this is that you change your eating habits. If you carry on to use food as a treat you are just going to re-gain all the weight you lose. While you are on SS you need to be thinking about how you eat and why you eat.

If you really want the weight to stay off then that means completely changing how you eat. How you ate previously obviously didn't work or you wouldn't be on cambridge. You might say I'll go for a meal with my husband as a treat, but for this to work long term you need to be thinking that that meal will be in moderation, just like the rest of your life has to be.
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I would say go for a treat- treats are fab! Just not a food-related treat! Maybe take yourself off for a facial or a manicure, or buy yourself a new outfit to fit your new, slimmer, bod! I agree with Shelbel that you shouldn't continue to think of food as a 'treat' otherwise its a slippery slope. Once you fall off the wagon with CD its also very hard to get back on, so I wouldn't advise PLANNING to fall off it, if you see what I mean!



Tequila makes miaow happy
S: 17st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st4lb(36.82%)
Thats a good point - but I did mean a sensible meal - a nice salad or something - just in a nice restaurant! I always found it easier to eat well in a decent restaraunt - where healthy meals are cooked well. It is at home i indulged in junk - which is why intend never buying it ever again. You are right though - perhaps the whole thing needs a rethink. Thanks

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