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Does anyone remember...


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The article in the Sun or the Daily Mail showing different women heights/weights and dress sizes? I saw it a few months ago and now I can't find it, but I thought it would be useful here, as we've had a few questions about this.

What I found most interesting about it was that some women had to be a lot lighter than me to be the same size, I'm guessing I've got heavy bones! LOL:D
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Peace Love Happiness
I'm not sure if this is it or not, the link to see the pics won't work for me, but I think it's interesting to see how different the sizes are vheight etc

We're in love with our curves! | Mail Online

This one is interesting too, women of all sizes, photoshopped to size zero. Again, I think the range of heights and weights is astounding. eg there is a woman similar height to me (well she is 5'3) 9st4 and a size 14, I know if I was 9st4 I would be a 12, almost a 10. Weird isn't it?

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This is something I've been baffled at lately also..

I started off 17st, height 5'2ft and am a size 18/20!

I put it all down to your build! Although I think people in the medical field tend to differ with the whole "big boned" theory. :confused:
Thanks Liberty, I'm the one obsessed with sizes so was interested to read the articles. I couldn't see the photo in the first one but was interested to see the one the same height as me was a 14 at a slightly higher weight than my target. I'm big boned so not sure what size I will end up as!

Thanks Liberty, I thought I was a large frame and according to this I am a medium/large frame.



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second article, the girl who is 5'3 and 9.4st if I looka like that when I reach my target I'm resetting my target to 7st LOL I can't believe she is only 9st4... she looks much larger to me.


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Thanks for posting the link liberty, I'm medium, thought so but nice to know.

Hi Crims, I know where you are coming from, I felt really mean when I looked at some of the pictures and also started panicking a bit thinking if I am like that at my target I will just have to go lower.

I hate feeling I'm judging other women's bodies, and I am a bit worried now that I will still have a distorted view of my body even when I get to target.

But am determined to be chilled about it and wait to see what happens x
My mum gave me a magazine on Monday where they took a typical size 14 woman and dressed her in outfits from 4 high street shops and the results were interesting! The mag was Yours 12-25 August (it's aimed at a more mature readership so not one most of us would buy) so the shops were not high fashion shops but Principles (big trousers, tightish blouse), John Lewis (tight), M&S (tight trousers) and Debenhams, which came out best!

Interestingly it gave measurements for each size and said a 28" waist was a size 12 - that was the waist measurement of my size 16 skirt from the early 90's!!!


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