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Does anyone still use curves?


plodding away
This forum is really quiet, came on here to see if others recommend curves as one has opened not too far from me.

I dont do any exercise at the mo and am unfortunately naturally a lazy person!

Would be grateful if you could offer any hints as to how hard it is and how much it costs - dont want to shame myself if I go for a nose around and cant afford to join!
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Its great if you have not excercised before or are out of shape. And you change excerises quickly so if you don't like one excerise you know you dont have long before you move on. I go for a one month membership every now and again to shape up a bit. I can't really afford to go all the time - and I like to chop and change my execerise routine (low boredom threshold!!)


plodding away
thanks for the replies. I'm still being lazy and avoiding exercise but will drop into curves over the next few days and see how much it is
I have just started going (3/4 times per week) I reckoned that the cost was not that much greater than attending a weight loss class and would be better for me....


wants a dancer's body.
I'd love to do it but the site is so vague and keeps freezing here so can't get much info on the exercises.

Is it a class and ye move on from machine to machine or an individual thing? Who shows you how to do it?

There is one near me but it's in a posh area and am a bit shy. :eek: How much does it cost? It's the nearest one but am concerned area=price... :eek:


wants a dancer's body.
Thanks so much for the info Sparkles, I've finally got through to an answering machine (it was a fax machine before :confused: ) so left my name and number. I once paid 450 for a gym and went twice so am really nervous. :eek: I hate the not knowing if they're nice or posers.

It's 49 for 6 weeks here so think I'll go for it. Can you remember what they do first, weigh, measure, show you the ropes or let you follow others? Does 90 minutes a week actually make a difference?


**2015 is my Year!**
when i joined (i just turned up) they weighed and measured me and then set some goals for me. They let me try out a few machines but they also reccomended that I book in with an instructor for my 1st session so that they could keep me right.
Yep i find it does make a difference, my fitness has definetly improved!


wants a dancer's body.
Ok joined today, they asked me questions, measured me up and booked me in for my first session tomorrow. I've 8 pounds for my monthly goal which I'm not too keen on, seems a bit much since I'm well on the road already but maybe the exercise will restart it?

She said she'll be with me for my first 3 sessions. I'm excited now! :bliss: Only thing I find weird is they don't open of a Sunday. But as a good Irish Catholic I should be resting anyway on the Sabbath. :p Thanks for your thread Sparkles, it gave me the push to go for it!! :D


**2015 is my Year!**
really glad that it went well, i know its a pain that it doesnt open on a sunday, however i did a bit of research into other curves in my area and i found 1 that does open on a sunday for a few hrs. Ive got a travel pass which means i can move between curves depending on where i am in the city which is great!
Let me know how you get on :) xx
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ....
There's one just opened near me....
Tempting, tempting...!!!
go for it....

I joined in June (9th) and lost 1.5 stone before my hols (24th July) with sensible eating and curves, still had alcohol & takeaways.... put 7lbs back on on holidays and resumed on the 10th August.....now lost the 7lbs plus 2 more. I have had my "smart curves" class and you really feel the difference, been 3 times this week and I will be going today & tomorrow. It is great if you need a boost, I feel fantastic afterwards... hope to lose 1 stone by my birthday at end of September then another by Christmas.... watch this space

Oh and the 6 weeks for £39 is on until end of August so what have you got to lose (apart from weight) ;-) xx
Thanks Sally. I had intended to go this week, but food poisoning struck. I think I am on the mend though, and shall give it a go on Monday after work. You are right, nothing to lose but a big fat bum :)!!
Had my first curves session today - I have two stone (initially) to lose after having dd but might go for another 7lbs after that - depends on what I look like. Loved it - it's definitely not for posers - there were women from all different ages and abilities there today.

I found a couple of the machines quite easy but I have very good strength - I can't wait until next week when I do my strength test thing and go onto smart curves - they told me that gives you a much better workout and really helps the weight come off.

I'm going to do the weight management thing too.

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