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Does everyone here have 2 A choices on red/green?

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I only do green days and have all 4 HEs. I use my 2 As on skimmed milk, as I like my tea quite milky and usually have cereal for breakfast. I thought HEs were unlimited for young members :confused:
Personally I only have the 1 - skimmed milk for coffee throughout the day - but that is more due to the fact I am not a lover of dairy/ cheese than for any other reason! So far as I am aware you can have a 2nd if you want it


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I generally tend not to have both the HExA's, but part of the appeal of red/green for me is that I can have to HExB's - sometimes it's nice to have a sandwich as a quick lunch in work as well as having my weetabix in the morning - that or alpen lights or hifi bars as treats... mmmm :p
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I always have two as I drink a lot of coffee and find the one HEa doesn't give me enough milk. It also gives me some flexibility in that I can have 1.5 HEAs worth of milk and half a HEa of cheese if I want.
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I usually have one, however that's only because I don't drink tea or coffee, so don't need the milk.


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Yes, love my two a's, one for milk, one for cheese, and my two b's as either bread or potatoes, or sometimes baked beans


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Thanks guys!Because I never used more than one A on red/green, I've been a bit anxious about it so it's good to see that a lot of you have both and still lose well :D
I mostly have red days, but throw the odd green day in just to make a change, most days I have both HEXBs and both HEXAs,

The As normally go on milk for my almost continuos drip feed of coffee :gimi: and the other on low 42g low fat chedder either with a salad or cheese sauce to go on veg with roast.

You dont have to have both, but they are there are part of the plan if you do want them!!
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I have all 4 on red/green day and I've lost stone and half in 12 weeks. I love my hex

I have 250 ml semi skim milk every day. Then some sort of cheese with crackers for supper or in a recipe.

b choice is a mix of crackers,hi fi bar, new potatoes. Baked beans.

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