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does it get harder!!!!!

hi all , ive been following this forum all week and have found it very valuable!
right heres my question :does it get harder?
i started this plan Wednesday (day 1) which was ok ,day 2 left me close to crying, i had a hangover type head ache , thought i was going to pass out all day and my stomach was churning! .
by day3 my head ache had almost gone and i didn't feel no where near as bad ,by day4 (yesterday) i felt completely normal!
ive got no problem seeing others eat, feel normal as hell, even going long between "meals" , apart from a funny taste im do brill. do you think im counting my chickens though? will it get harder?
sorry if any one is strugging im not trying to sound like a big head x
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Lmao no gloat away glad it's going well :) I think most people find days 4-5 the hardest and most are feeling much better by their second week :) hopefully you are one of the lucky ones :)
Well done so far!


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Mich. I've done TFR diets before and like you I have not struggled on them. Sounds as though you are in ketosis because of the strange taste in your mouth. Things get a lot easier once you are in ketosis. I don't find the diet gets harder. The results really start to show and it really does spur you on every week at weigh in to stick to it.

Good luck and stay positive, it really does help!
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ive only found day 3/4 hard and i had a weekend off :( not good hated restarting but i know i really need it but so far so good will be 5weeks on wednesday :)


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In my experience (still quite limited) it does not get harder, its a bit boring and the sight and smell of food still is attractive. But like you I am not hungry and have plenty of energy. Most physical issues are resolved with another drink of water! Its true and it works, drink some more water..... Boredom is easy once you find new things to do that do not involve eating.
I love cooking and did not realise how much you need to taste food when cooking to check flavour, seasoning etc.. So I found creative cooking an interesting challenge. Smell and sight of food stimulates the appetite even when its gone.
So the rewards come quickly, I don't weigh very often but I can already feel the difference in my clothes. A belt will soon be needed.
Good luck - this is such a positive diet, I think its great.

Miss Mac

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Hi and well done on getting this far!!

My experience of the diet is that it is really 95% psycological. I know I am not hungry most of the time, I sometimes have a craving as I fancy a particular food but most of the time it is just a 'want'. Im not hungry, Im not craving it....I just want it!!
I struggle with weekends as they used to be takeaway nights but last weekend, I had planned a night/day off plan and lo and behold, on Friday night I didnt struggle at all....my mind knew I was going to eat on the Saturday night so didnt need to tempt me on the friday!! Wierd huh!!
So thats my opinion, yes, some days are harder than others but most days it really is mind over matter!!:)


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GSQ's advice has really worked for me so far: water helps EVERYTHING. I'm on day 3 now and haven't found it a problem at all. The times I felt a bit sick or got a headache, I hadn't had a drink of water that hour, so as soon as I had a tall glass or two, I was fine :) Let's hope things stay this way!

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