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  1. Shazzac62

    Shazzac62 Full Member

    I used calculator on judd website and got 2190 ud and 548 dd. so i tried to make a menu plan for my first dd which will b 2mo and want people's opinions? Any advice would be great thanks!

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  3. missnic07

    missnic07 Silver Member

    Looks good! Just remember if you drink tea/coffee to allow calories for the milk x
  4. Shazzac62

    Shazzac62 Full Member

    That's great thanks, i don't drink tea etc so ok on that front, will prob have couple cans diet cola but Cals will b minimal! Im still doubting this can work but looking forward to trying!!x
  5. JillyCornwall

    JillyCornwall Full Member

    Love seeing the doubters jump with joy when you lose:D Welcome, give it your best shot, you have nothing to lose but weight!
    Good Luck. Don't forget to drink lots of water!!!
  6. Shazzac62

    Shazzac62 Full Member

    Oh I soo hope ur right about my doubts :) i need to get moving cant believe its nearly 1 month into the year already!! Can't let any more slip by staying the same!!
  7. ~Louise~

    ~Louise~ Full Member

    Which app is that? the food looks good!
  8. missnic07

    missnic07 Silver Member

    It's my fitness pal :) x
  9. Shazzac62

    Shazzac62 Full Member

    Thanks for replying i never saw this! My fitness pal its amazing :) xx
  10. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    It's working for me I've lost 15lb since 6 Jan and and nearly half what I lost the previous 4 months on SW :) xx
  11. Shazzac62

    Shazzac62 Full Member

    Ooh ul get me excited lol!! I feel like im doing it wrong as iv only had 498 Cals today and im in bed not hungry?!? Thats not right surely? On your up days do you have what you want or do you try to stick to the Sw principle??x
  12. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Been JUDDDING for 4 days now and wondered if anyone can tell me what an ID day is as I've noticed this term on a few threads?
  13. Shazzac62

    Shazzac62 Full Member

    I think its an in between day??x
  14. Shazzac62

    Shazzac62 Full Member

    I ended up having 2556 Cals on my up day today instead of 2190 is that really bad should i still get a loss on sat??x
  15. DopeyAngel

    DopeyAngel Sweet wrapper fetishist.

    Apparently 1lb of fat is worth 3500 calories.
  16. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    Hi Shazzac62, I can only speak from my own personal experience but when I have eaten over on my UD's I have still managed to lose when my weekly weigh in comes roundx

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