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Does TOTM affect weight loss?


Is a loser! ;-)
Hiya, bit of a personal one but im sure you wont mind! :D

Does totm affect weight loss? I started this morning, and am a bit worried that i wont lose much at my weigh in tomorrow.
On the plus side, its the first ive had in AGES, so hurray for losing weight!! (im happy as we are ttc btw!) lol
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Sensibly losing :)
I have read loads of posts n here from the more experienced members, reassuring the newbies that its slower fue to totm.. so I would say yes. Its the same with most diets due to water retention and suchlike.. I always found mine worst the week building up to it though tbh, rather than the week itself... if thats the case for you then your low WI could have been your 12lb-er last week... by which case you could be incredibly happy tmw morning!! :D

i would have been ont he scales by now! PMSL!! ;) xxx


Is a loser! ;-)
Haha, that would be fantastic!
Im feeling a bit bloated so i think maybe it will ave an impact, but least it will come off next week if it does affect me tomorrow! Im very excited to see how ive done!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Good luck butterbean you deserve it hunny xx

Thornhill Cate

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I started today too but for me it's not TOTM but TOT whenever it feels like turning up - menopause is great - which it hasn't since January, so am waiting to see if it affects thing this week.


Is a loser! ;-)
I have PCOS and usually have about 2 per year! 2 in 2 months is amazing! im delighted, just really hope i lose some big poundage! lol
Right, early night for me...BIG DAY TOMORROW!! haha
Hi Butterbean,
I am on day 4, but i also have PCOS and found out at 18 i couldnt have kids. in 2002 i lost 6 stones from a size 24 to size 12 and started my periods back again, then in 2005 had my daughter.
The doctors said it was because i had lost weight that i was able to concieve.
I am loosing the weight again to have another baby ....hopefully x
butterbean thats actually bloody great news that you had 2 periods in 2 months then! Surely it could only get better as you keep beating them pounds off? Happy for you and well done on the loss too :D


Is a loser! ;-)
your all so nice! emma, that is an amazing story! Spurrs me on to keep going...Would sacrifice eating for the next few months if it ment i may have a chance of conceiving! Lost 5pounds this week with totm, so im really chuffed!!! yay


Sensibly losing :)
NICE ONE!!! :)) 5lb is a great loss!!! :) :) xx
Great result Butterbean - not just the weight loss, but also the extra TOTM and Emma's inspirational example. Can't help feeling excited for you, hun! :D


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I had my totm constantly for about 20weeks whilst on TFR and it never affected my weight loss. I even saw the doc twice about it and he said its fine just down to your body going through massive changes.

So for some it might affect them for others not :) x

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