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Down in the dumps!!!


In it to lose it
Hi Cheeks
I know its hard when you maintain but think positve. There's always next week and at least you didn't gain. I only lost 1/2lb last week and I was gutted.

Get yourself a Ticker and then next week when you lose it will be great to see the ticker move.



I ate my willpower!
Big Hug :hug99:. I try and look at my weightloss over a 4 week period because our bodies can do some silly things sometimes. How much have you lost in the last 4 weeks?

Try the basics like, are you drinking, enough variety, try adding some more speed foods into your diet, are you eating enough, are you measuring your HEX's?

Also, remember to take your measurements. Sometimes you loose inches and not lbs. There was a girl at my group who only lost 0.5lbs in 2 weeks. I suggested she tried adding a couple of red days in. She did and she lost 2.5lbs.
Dont fret over it Hun, you will have a loss next week if you stick to the plan 100% again.
On another note just think....its not a gain! Chin up, put it behind you and look ahead to next week.

I agree with spaceangel when I did this diet plan I had to look at the bigger picture over a month as TOTM etc would cause me to retain fluid. It will equal out next week look forward to seeing how you get on...in the meantime ((hug))....xx


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Know how you feel as I maintained for 2 weeks on the trot.. really cheesed off but stuck to my guns and lost 3lbs last week.. i know the inches are coming off as my clothes feel looser..

Keep going you can do it. As yo say it's better than a gain.

Agree with the others.. try and look at the bigger picture.

take care :hug99:
Thanks everyone.....im trying to be positive, atleast i haven't gained, i joined my slimming world group 5 weeks ago and i have lost 10lbs so far so i shouldn't moan really.

Thanks for all your kind words....x
Cheeks, your loss = 2lb for every week so that is fantastic hun. Maintaining is better then a gain and if you are 100% this week i bet it will show next week!
Good luck. xx
Hear hear sm1ler!

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