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Down the hatch....

....as we speak, my first shake. Well - quite nasty to be honest. I'm having the "chocolate" one. Everyone in the office is laughing at me - especially the girl who's just walked in with the chinese (sorry)!

Ok - does it get better? Are the other flavours better? Is this really worth it?!

K x
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Here we go again!
I'm drinking the chocolate one right now too for my lunch. Last week I found the shakes quite bland but now I find them much tastier and I'm sure you will too. They aren't meant to be the best taste in the world though but I'm sure you'll grow to love em!


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firstly yes it is soooooo worth it :D and secondly .... chocolate are the best flavour lol, the others i personally think are awfull, but you might like them as everyone is diff , oh the thought of the vanilla one makes me heave lol, good luck and i hope you take to the shakes the more you go on :) x


Back on the diet train...
hey hun i no wot u mean the 1st time i ad a shake it woz gross,i didnt mix it right an had no blender, more think lumpy gloop than a drink. lol. then i came home an my dad had bought me an electric whisk, wot a God send. :)

now i cant reali say anythin bout all the shakes as i only av the choc an strawberry an thay do get easier especially once u av ad ur 1st weigh in. :)

keep at it hun

Cheers guys - I really need the push! I'm at work (yes yes I know I shouldn't be on the forum at work) and finding myself yawning quite a lot - but then that could be the mid-afternoon slump everyone gets!

Ok - so soldier on with the shakes - I know I'll get used to them - and there are some great tips flying around that I'll try when I get home.

K x
I find them pretty nasty too so I just down them everytime lol. They do work though.
Oooh I think I like the chicken soup! It's nice to have something hot when it's chilly. Yes - I like this one. Score! x

PS - My OH is being totally brill - even ate in the other room tonight whilst I was on the phone! Such a star x


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i think i'm going to have the strawberry one for my first one. hope that one is nice
Hi Ohtobesklinky,

Good luck with the shakes (they DO get better) and you will find yourself really looking forward to them (well they are all you have) Strawberry was my first and I thought it was horrible so I never got it again but last week, on my 8th week, I said I'd give it ago and I thought it was now delicious! Our taste buds are changing and our palate is cleansed. Kepp with it, it does get better. I personally can't take the soup (initially I used to put chilli powder in it but the pharamcist told me this could easily knock me out of ketosis so I decided it wasn't worth it)
You will be going into ketosis in a few days, usually day 4 or 5, its a bit of a rough ride (some say but for me it wasn't too bad actually, everyone is different) but after that you will feel a lot better, more energetic ad not hungry. The hunger pangs in the first few days are very challenging but I would say DRINK DRINK DRINK water. At least 2.5l a day!
Also try adding a big spoon of instant coffee into a choc or vanilla shake and shake it u really well with icy water! (its delicious)
Best of luck with it and just remember if you get over the next few days you WILL do it! xxx
I had the strawberry ones today and to be honest i wouldn't have known it was strawberry flavoured. It was palatable but that's about it, can't wait for my tastebuds to change lol.

Hopefully the chocolate ones will be better :)
Hi Sparklebug,

well done on your excellent first week weight loss!! The shakes will get better, honestly they do, try putting the coffee in with it.
Good luck
Now I've tried them all! I think, in preference order, chicken soup, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate. Happy days! x


Back to reality!
Slightly off the subject ( sorry to hijack a bit hun ). Was just wondering if anyone else is struggling to have their shakes atm. I'm on week 3 and tbh really couldn't be fussed about having them or not. I haven't gone off them I just not bothered anymore!
Before I knew when I need one as I would get a slight headache but the other day I didn't have my first till 4 because I just forgot about it!
I have noticed this has been since I've been exercising more so I don't know if it is connected?!
T x
hi i am starting LT thursday so will be on here for support, still wondering what shakes to get

actually excited - will this fade!

well done on your fantastic weight losses
Hi Tigerlilli,

I know how u feel, I sometimes wish I didn't actually have to bother with them, I know though that it is very dangerous not to have them at all. You know that hey contain the minimum of what your body needs. Its hard sometimes drinking them and drinking another 2.5l of water on top of it but we have to do it or else we'll probably faint. I think you should just be strict and have them at set times (I can't take my own advice and usually have them in the evening)
I find I've awful bathroom trouble unles I take the fibre clear as well. Yikes this diet is not very pleasant but it really works, I'm amazed with my losses so far and you are doing excellently too!!
Good luck :)

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