Due to start but dreading it already

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  1. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    Hi everyone,
    well as the title says I'm all ready to start exante but doubting myself already. The past year i went from a size 12 to a 16/18 because I was battling against binge eating, i have it pretty much under control now.

    just a few questions if someone could help me out :)
    Should i limit my food and move to my diet fuel shakes for a few days or jump straight in with exante?
    exercise? Is the 30day shred too much? I work as a special needs teaching assistant so I'm activeat least half the day and at times running around the school for various reasons.

    Any advice would really help :D Im worried if i loose so little in the first week it will knock my confidence and bring on the dreaded binge.

    thanks guys :)
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  3. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    Hi chuck,
    I too am a binge eater and have clapped on an astonishing amount of weight this year. I've done VLCDS a few times and have tried breaking myself in gently and going at it "cold turkey". This time I did it for a couple of days but still picked to take away the cravings; but in the long run it made it twice as hard.

    my rule would be decide on a date and go for it 100%. You'll feel a bit rubbish but it won't last long. Im still not in ketosis (because of the nibbling earlier in the week)' but apart from a headache (and a bit of a temper) Im fine.

    Don't doubt yourself, just go for it!

    One thing I love about this diet is that if you stick to the rules 100% (which I find easier to do because its so simple) then you WILL lose weight (you can't possibly not)!
    I don't think you'll be disappointed, i look forward to seeing your first big loss!
    Good luck Xxxxxxxx
  4. smidge87

    smidge87 Rubenesque

    Hey, welcome to Exante! This isn't an easy diet, so first thing to say is you really need to be motivated. If you doubt yourself at the start you won't last long, especially the first 3 days which are really hard. You CAN do it and you will, just believe in yourself!

    You can just go straight into Exante. Some people limit their carb intake the days leading up but I've never done it, the first week is hard either way lol

    As for exercise, I would recommend you see how you get on. It sounds like you're pretty active on a daily basis so you don't want to burn out. Give it a couple of weeks and see how you feel but lots of people do the 30 day shred so I shouldn't see why that would be a problem in the future (I did try it once but failed after 10 days and went back to the gym lol)

    Best of luck!

  5. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Pick a date, and go for it :)

    The first few days are hard, then it gets a lot easier

    You HAVE to be motivated though - tough but true

    Only you can decide if this is what you want to do, and stopping and starting is soul destroying

    Exante is tough, but it works.

    I have been TS 100% since January 1st and lost 24lbs so far :D
  6. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    Wow Darcy that's amazing! Well done x
  7. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    Thank you so much for replying :)
    Well done Darcy that is such a fab loss, Fingers crossed It works as well for me.

    I was going to start today but I had a mini meltdown last night and I have been feeling quite odd for the past few days. It's odd I feel like I'm on a boat whilst spinning at the same time, Last night I couldn't even tell If I was walking in a straight line. I have seen the nurse who has OK'd everything and tbh I think my folate is very low again which is nothing new for me, It's been dropping constantly for the past few years.
    I want to start tomorrow so I will be over the worst by the time I start back at work monday

    It's odd but I know I will struggle with not eating anything I want, I often have to force myself to eat as I cycle through starving myself to binge eating when I feel anxious or low. I know I can do it but it's getting in that frame of mind but I now have a goal set so here goes.
  8. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    I'm glad the nurse has given you the all clear. I think if you do this and stick to it then it may help with the bingeing as it takes food out of the equation. Pick a day and stick to it, you might be surprised.

    Good luck!
  9. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Good luck! :)
  10. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    And good luck from me too! I am only three days in and enjoying it although getting used to the pouches still!

    There are some great tips on my diary for making them up that some lovely ladies have shared with me :) please do have a nosey :)
  11. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    Thank you so Much It's nice to find somewhere so supportive, I lost 5 half stone in 7 months around 7 years ago and it was so hard as I had no support. I've tried changing my diet like last time but the weight stays put, So fingers crossed for exante.

    I'm currently sat with my first shake, The initial taste of the chocolate threw me but I'm getting used to it. Im dreading the vegetable soups though.

    bunchomonkeys Thanks I will take a look :)
  12. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    Thank you so Much It's nice to find somewhere so supportive, I lost 5 half stone in 7 months around 7 years ago and it was so hard as I had no support. I've tried changing my diet like last time but the weight stays put, So fingers crossed for exante.

    I'm currently sat with my first shake, The initial taste of the chocolate threw me but I'm getting used to it. Im dreading the vegetable soups though.

    Bunchomonkeys Thank you I will take a look :)
  13. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    Yeah please do - you can make crisps from the soup mix, although i haven't tried them yet.

    On day 5 I can honestly say i am getting used to the food more, and i am not hungry either.... I leave my first pouch til as late in the day as possible and drink lots of water before, sparkling sugar free stuff is seeing me through, as i normally eat most in the evening.

    I just pray with 8st to lose that i can last the course!!
  14. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    I had a little peek I will have a proper look in a bit. I'm super tired today and my mouth tastes dreadful, I dread to think what it will be like in the next few days If Im like this now.
    I had a 2 hour nap which I so needed but I woke up really disappointed with myself as I had been eating rubbish in my dream, I really thought I had messed up day 1. Im trying the exante drink mix at the moment, It's a struggle for me so far it's sooooo sweet.

    Crisps sound fab I will have to try them or I'll slowly go mad on a month+ of soup
  15. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    EWWWWWWWWW It has taken me an hour to drink that awful vegetable soup without vomiting, I don't know how I will cope with 2 weeks of that. :(
  16. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    The taste in my mouth is bugging me too to be honest, although on the upside its keeping me drinking! I went into ketosis very quickly -maybe the same has happened with you? I bought some ketasticks from Boots which is how I knew although the taste was the first giveaway sign!

    I have not tried the soups as soups yet, am planning one shortly though - think I will go with the mushroom. Have you just got soups and shakes then? I went for a bit of everything although I have no bars......

    I know what you mean about wretching though, the shepards pie got me like that - am trying to find someone on here to swap them with for something else I like! Try a different one next time, or try flavouring things. Garlic powder, worcestershire sauce, chilli flakes, paprika and good old salt and pepper are a must in your cupboard to assist...! Some put tablet sweeteners in their shakes although personally I think they are sweet enough.
  17. smidge87

    smidge87 Rubenesque

    Some things taste better once you get into ketosis, your taste changes. I hope they do for you, diet is bad enough let alone when you're not enjoying any of the packs!
  18. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    Update from me today
    I have a banging headache since 4pm yesterday which will not shift even after a few paracetamol. I really struggled last night watching tv every advert with food was making me crave anything in sight, I managed to cook a cottage pie which looked delicious and ate that awful shepherds pie.
    I know I moaned about the veg soup honestly I would rather that than the shepherds pie, I added bits to it but It was still had to eat and making me gag.

    I know I shouldn't have weighed so soon but I'm 2.4lb lighter somehow, I guess that could be due to me eating so little the previous 3days before starting.

    Bunchomonkeys I bought the 2 weeks starter pack off ebay as It was £39 then ordered another before trying them.
  19. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    Ahhh I got a similar offer from G roupon but the months worth with everything but bars...... If it makes you feel any better the pie made me gag too :sign0137: no matter what I did to it! I am currently drinking a vanilla shake hot with coffee in it - its like a very thick slightly slimy latte. Quite pleasant if I don't think about the texture too much lol

    Have you tried the carbonara yet? If not then I suggesting following the cooking instructions that someone has put on my diary as it works really well. Apart from the porridge its the only meal I haven't 'seasoned!'

    If it makes you feel any better, I only started Monday have a nasty TOTM and I have lost 9lbs so far! Keep going it is worth it and like Smidge says below, your tastes do change and don't worry, the headache does fade. On the upside the headache also shows ketosis is happening :)
  20. Mummyboo85

    Mummyboo85 Member

    That's fab weight loss well done :)

    I quite like the vanilla I had one for lunch with a ice and coffee, I didn't realise I could have it warm. I needed my coffee fix as I'm normally on 4+ Coffees a day when Im at work and I haven't had one for 3days.
    Headache is still here but not so bad and consider how little cals we are allowed I feel quite good, I hope it lasts. I just took the kids out on their bikes for a few miles and too the park I was expecting to feel drained like last night.

    The porridge I had this morning but as what were meant to be biscuits but came out resembling a pancake, It tasted pretty good compared to the others. I've ordered some maximuscle bars as my emergency back up if I keep struggling with the shepherds pie, I read on here they were similar to exante bars.
    Im having the carbonara tonight, To be honest I'm kinda looking forward to it. Hope it's not a let down.

  21. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    I soaked my carbonara tenmins and cooked it for about 4 and a half mins..... its a bit of an experiment tbh.

    I really like the porridge - reminds me of Ready Brek! ;) Hot shakes go a bit slimy by the way so add more water to lessen that effect - or maybe try just making half a shake up to a full mug full - that way you get two out of it too :)

    make sure you are drinking loads of water as that will help your head.
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