Attack Dukan day 2


Dukan day 2. Must admit I'm impressed already. Lost the pounds I gained over last weeks working away food fail.
So I'm going on Hols 20th January and would be happy to lose a stone. More would be great.
Just need to keep up the momentum as with Atkins i got bored and fast.

Any tips on how to spice up my chicken? What sauces can I make?

Are meatballs recommended?

K x
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Hi Kirstask and welcome.

Have you checked out the recipes forum? There are lots of yummy ideas for keeping things interesting - that seems to be the key to succeeding around here if you have a tendency to get bored. Also check out the daily menu thread to get ideas from others.

Have you read the FAQ thread? It's also a good idea to update your stats so others can tailor their advice.


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Hi Kirstask
I use my daily oatbran allowance with chilli and garlic to coat the chicken breast before baking it and serve with Dukan BBQ sauce (in recipe thread - Recipes I love) - delicious and yet to get bored of it!! A bit like KFC!!!


Thanks guys. I'm now attack day 6. Weight loss = 6 pounds which I think is pretty awesome. I totally lost my appetite at about day 3 which has probably helped. No cravings. I feel so good that I'm gonna do 10 days on attack. This should take me nicely to christmas as need to be able to enjoy my dinner!


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How long did Dr D say you should do attack for? There's no point in doing it longer than advised.