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Attack Dukan Help, can the Dukan diet be done on a budget?

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Hello, I just joined minimins and am a newbie! Im 21 years old, 5'7 tall and weigh 154lbs. I have recently gone from a size 10 to a size 14 and I want to go back before it gets any worse! Im hoping to lose 14lbs and be 140 lbs and hopefully a size 10 again!
I have been thinking about and researching diets for a while and I think the Dukan diet sounds like it would work for me and I am really hoping to start the attack phase in the next week. My problem is that I am a student and usually have a budget of £15 a week for food, I could probably stretch to £20.

The fact that this diet is so protein orientated worries me as I usually dont buy any meat and fish as they are usually so expensive.
Do you think I could feed myself for £15-20 a week? How much do you guys spend on a an average week's dukan shop?
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You can certainly do it on a budget; in fact there's a whole thread dedicated to just that here: Dukan on a Budget

If you have one of the discount supermarkets near you, you'll find that bags of frozen chicken are cheap. A rule of thumb is that the more prep done to it, the more expensive it is. For instance skinned, boned breast is more expensive than skin-on breast. Cheapest tend to be bags of frozen chicken portions (which are usually 1/4 chicken). Also bags of frozen fish portions tend to be cheap too. Mince beef *can* be cheap but you need to check it's below 5% fat and you tend to find the cheaper they are, the higher the fat content. Eggs are obviously cheap too.


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The first few weeks I spent more than usual, I bought too much oatbran(I guess enough for the next 6 months!), flavors and frozen stuff. Now it is pretty much the same every week but a bit more than that as I don't eat red meat and buy a lot of fish..
I wish I could do the same and keep the weight under control earlier.. Good luck:)
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I am going to give you an honest opinion and say that YES dukan can be done on a budget and there are some great tips on the thread mentioned BUT I think you might struggle on £15-20. I think £25 would be more realistic as a minimum amount per week (please anyone feel free to contradict me).

You must bear in mind that although one of the principles of dukan is "all you can eat" (within certain restrictions), being on a tight budget doesn't always allow you to eat at much as you'd really like! You'll have to be disciplined not to tuck into "tomorrow's meat supply".

I must admit I really can't afford to buy very lean mince all the time and sometimes buy the supermarket (higher fat) value brand which is half the price and double the size. I just make sure I drain/mop up the fat very well and rinse before serving. Similarly, I buy own brand low fat natural yoghurt which is 1.5% instead of the premium 0% brand you can buy. My weight loss has probably been slower as a consequence but I'm still satisfied with my weight loss and my purse has thanked me for it.

Just thought I'd offer my opinion and let you decide for yourself.

Good luck! Dukan is definitely worth it :)
Turkey mince is reasonably cheap and they make great hamburger patties. Once you are on Cruise you can "stretch" the meat by using seasonal (allowed) veg.


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I'm in the same situation as you, I've just finished my third year - very poor at the moment! I try to keep my shopping in the region of £25/week. I buy loads of eggs (starting to get sick of them though!) and I buy whole chickens which I roast myself as this works out a bit cheaper too. Def look out for frozen stuff, like prawns. xx

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