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  1. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    As I've now completed 'Operation size 10 jeans', I thought it was time to start a new diary! So, a bit of a recap on what's happened so far.... well, I started on 31st May weighing in at 11st 1lbs, those size 10's were looking pretty snug back then!!!! Here's a pic:


    After following the Dukan diet for 3 months I've lost 1st 8lbs, and finally managed to zip up those jeans without cutting off the blood supply to my lower body in the process. Here is my after pic:


    I'm really pleased to have reached my goal weight, and I'm excited to move onto the next stage - consolidation! As I've lost 22lbs, I need to complete 110 days of consolidation, so I'll be fully 'consolidated' by 21st December. Here is how I'm going to handle the next phase:

    Mon - PV + evening starchy meal
    Tue - PV
    Wed - PV
    Thu - PP
    Fri - PV + evening gala meal
    Sat - PV
    Sun - PV

    I'm going to use my bread, cheese and fruit allowances every day for my lunch. This is going to make the whole process so much easier for me, as back on cruise I used to struggle coming up with lunch ideas for when I'm at work.

    I'm still completing the Insanity workouts, and I'm on day 9 of 60. The workouts are extremely tough, but I feel such a sense of achievement each time I complete a day. I'm hoping this regime will tone me up, and also help maintain my weight.

    Here is what's on the menu for today (conso day 1).
    B - chocolate Dukan porridge
    L - lean ham & cheese toasted sandwich, with lettuce & jalapenos (yum, yum, yum), ff yogurt, boiled egg, apple
    D - chilli with brown rice (starchy meal)
    Exercise: day 9 of Insanity

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  3. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Brilliant post, Ceri. Good on ya :D

    P x
  4. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Conso day 2

    Menu for today:
    B - chocolate Dukan porridge
    L - toasted sandwich with ham, cheese, jalapenos & lettuce, apple, 2 x boiled eggs, ff yogurt, sf jelly
    D - Going to pick up some fish on the way home and serve with broccoli & carrots
    Exercise - day 10 of Insanity (I'm starting to actually enjoy this now!)

    My first day on conso went well, and the chilli I had last night was lovely. I just softened some onions, added some garlic and fresh chilli, then browned off some mince and then added a tin of chopped tomatoes, chilli powder, mixed herbs, mushrooms, green pepper, teeny bit of sweetener and finally lots of black pepper. I served it with brown rice (75g uncooked, which works out as 190g cooked) - I actually couldn't eat all of the rice, it was too much! I need to get some wholemeal pasta as Dr Dukan prefers this over brown rice - not sure why?

    The Insanity training is going well, and weirdly I'm actually starting to enjoy the workouts now! As Shaun T would say, "Get fit or get out!!!"

    EDIT: Oops, just ate some M&S coffee & walnut cake as it's a colleague's birthday. That's an extra 300 calories I need to burn off. I'll have to put in extra effort tonight with the Insanity workout. No more slip ups are allowed this week!!!!!
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  5. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Silver Member

    Hiya Ceri, Well done on getting to your true weight those jeans look amazing now :) and goos luck on Conso your menu's look great I will definitely be following your diary to see how it goes :) x
  6. Roosephus

    Roosephus Member

    Looking great in the size 10 jeans lady! Great inspiration to carry on. I have a pair of size 10 jeans that so far I can just about wriggle into by lying on the bed, can't stand up in them yet though!!

    Looking fwd to hearing about your gala meal on Friday!!

    Roo x
  7. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    I'm not sure what to have as a gala meal. I don't want to go too crazy! I think I'm going to cook something rather than get a takeaway or go to a restaurant. I subscribe to Good Food magazine, so I think I'm going to have a read through that tonight and choose my favourite dish from the latest edition (probably washed down with a few glasses of vino).

    I'm sure you'll be wearing your size 10's soon! :Dx
  8. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Ooh enjoy! I love a bit of food porn too! Check out the grapefruit and poppy seed cake in this month's issue :D Also love Olive magazine .... not opened that yet. Pacing myself! ;)

    P x
  9. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Hi P!

    Good call on the grapefruit and poppy seed cake, just need to get myself a ring cake tin! I was also drawn to the tiramisu, but shuddered slightly when I saw the calorie count :eek:!!! (I think it would be worth it though)

    Food porn at it's best, and now I'm on conso I can even indulge myself once a week. Hope you're JUDDDering away ok, I see you've already lost 7lbs - fantastic!!! :)x
  10. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Conso day 3

    B - chocolate Dukan porridge
    L - toasted sandwich with cheese, ham & jalapenos, 1x boiled egg, apple, sf jelly, ff yogurt
    D - mushroom omelette and salad
    Exercise - day 11 of Insanity

    I weighed myself this morning and I'm down another pound, so I'm now 9.6. I haven't had my gala meal this week yet, so my weight will probably even out again after that. Talking of gala meals, I spent last night looking through my food magazines and I've decided to make a chicken biryani for my gala meal. I'm looking forward to it already :)
  11. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Gold Member

    yum sounds good :D
  12. CheeseGirl

    CheeseGirl Gold Member

    Either way you're probably making the right choice by cooking and not getting takeaway, it's more of a pain but ultimately it's less fatty (they use tons of oil). And well done you! Those jeans look awesome!
  13. sarafvrm

    sarafvrm Gold Member

    I'm really inspired by your Conso diary, Ceri. You've done what I always said I would, and gone for full-blown Conso without pussy-footing around. For my first 2-3 weeks at tw I've had to pick and choose from other people's menus (been away on courses then on holiday) so I've loosened the reins a bit but not in the prescribed way. From today, though, I'm going to have bread, cheese and fruit every day (except pp days) and then, in another week or so, I'm going to add in the gala and starchy meals. Please carry on posting on your progress, I really need to read how others are doing in this phase. I want it to be as steady and reliable as Cruise was, and don't want to lose the plot - bet you do, too! Here's to us! xx
  14. alottolose

    alottolose Gold Member

    Just popped in (as I only just saw you set up a conso diary :eek:)....subscribed and will be keeping an eye on your progress :) all looks great hun xxx
  15. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Conso day 4 - Protein Thursday!

    B - Chocolate Dukan porridge
    L - Turkey meatballs, ff yogurt, sf jelly
    D - Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs
    Exercise - day 12 of Insanity

    Today was 'Protein Thursday'! I decided to go along with Dr Dukan's suggestion of a Thursday, as I'm having my gala meals on a Friday, so thought having the two consecutively would balance things out.

    My weight was back up to 9.7 this morning, which is fine, and I'm expecting that it will now fluctuate up and down now I'm in conso. I'm going to carry on weighing myself daily as I quite enjoy it, and I find it interesting how it changes throughout the day. It weirdly also helps me get out of bed in the morning, as I'm always so keen first thing to find out how much I weigh - I haven't missed my train to work since I started the diet!!! :D Anyway, I realise I have a slight addiction to the scales, but I'm not allowed to be addicted to peanut M&M's anymore, so this is now my vice!

    Really looking forward to my curry tomorrow night (gala meal)!!! I can't wait to get in the kitchen with a glass of wine, and cook my masterpiece (I've missed cooking so much on this diet, my menus have been so boring and unimaginative). Anyway, hopefully it will be delicious! :)x
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  16. sarafvrm

    sarafvrm Gold Member

    Well done on doing protein Thursday! And enjoy your gala meal tonight! xx
  17. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Conso day 5 - gala meal!

    B - chocolate Dukan porridge
    L - toasted sandwich with cheese, ham, lettuce & jalapenos AND a side salad, followed by 2 x chocolate truffles (naughty!!), apple
    D - chicken biryani (homemade) with a few glasses of wine - gala meal
    Exercise - day 13 of Insanity!

    I have a day off work today, and it's been great so far. I went to the hairdressers this morning to get all my hair chopped off (well I had about 4 inches taken off!), and it looks so much better now. This was my first time at this particular hairdressers, and it was amazing, I was pampered beyond belief!!! They washed my hair and I had the standard indian head massage, but then they asked me if I'd like a hot stone massage on my head and face, so I said yes please! A few minutes later he then asks if I'd like a shoulder massage - yes please!!!! Finally my hair is all washed and I'm escorted over to the chair for my cut, but wait.... I'm then offered an aromatherapy head and neck massage - yes please I say again!!!! I'm told to close my eyes and some essential oil spray is squirted in front of my face and I inhale the fumes, next thing he is massaging my neck, head and side of my face - heaven! I was so relaxed, and thought wow this is great service, but when are you going to actually cut my hair? Surely this is the last 'extra' that you offer for your clients, when he then asks if I'd like a hand and arm massage.... oh alright then, might as well go for the whole shebang!!! he he... As I was leaving I was also given a goody bag, which included some chocolate truffles, oh my god, they were absolutely amazing!!! The best chocolate truffles I've ever tasted!!! Technically a cheat for today, but I'm not going to have a dessert with my gala meal tonight, so hopefully that wasn't too naughty of me.......

    For the rest of the day I've been sitting in the garden catching some sun, soooo relaxing :)

    I do need to squeeze in my Insanity workout at some point today! :)x

  18. alottolose

    alottolose Gold Member

    Wow Alli :) what a wonderful pamper day :) even the more special as it was unexpected :)!!
  19. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Wow, if Carlsberg made hairdressers .... ! ;)

    P x
  20. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    I know, it was just what I needed!!! :)

    Ha ha, exactly!!! :D
  21. CheeseGirl

    CheeseGirl Gold Member

    Was chopping the hair all part of reaching tw or just a spur of the moment kind of thing? You'll need to post a new pic then you know!

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