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  1. Joodle

    Joodle Silver Member

    Not sure if this has been done before so stop me if it has!

    I realised that there are live chats several times a week over on the Dukan site and the moderators give out a ton of information about what is and isn't allowed on different phases.

    Some of the questions are a bit rubbish (Am I allowed chocolate cake on attack?) but there's generally some useful stuff there. I'm going to see if I can start a thread to capture the main points that come up each time as the chats don't seem to be archived anywhere. To be honest, even if they are, there are so many daft questions you only find a couple of useful bits of info each session and it'd be very dull to trawl through!

    I'm just going to summarise details given out during the chat – please don't shoot the messenger!! Am also going to be arbitrarily deciding which points are most relevant to most people and leave the rest out – if you think I missed anything, just add it in! Any points in inverted commas are quoted verbatim, the others are my summary.

    So, here are the key points from the 11[SUP]th[/SUP]July 2012 chat.

    • Muller light vanilla yoghurts are tolerated items so you can have up to 2 a day, from cruise onwards
    • Quorn sausages (per 100g: 12.6g protein, 11.6g carbs of which 0.3 g sugars; 6.8g fat of which 0.6g saturates) are ok as they do not contain too much fat.
    • Hemp milk is too fatty for any phase
    • Up to 750g of soya milk a day is ok (this was in reply to a question from someone who's lactose intolerant so is probably instead of, rather than as well as, other dairy for the day)
    • Up to 300g of sugar free jelly is allowed from cruise onwards
    • At one point in time there were mixed messages about whole eggs and egg whites. You can have an unlimited amount of eggs, especially egg whites if you do not have high cholesterol.”
    • In consolidation you are allowed to have 220g of starches per week (to be taken at one time and not spread out throughout the week) and so you can make that couscous, lentils, or peas; or even a combination, it's up to you really.
    • Try crisping up unrolled crab sticks in the oven (10-15 mins at 180C) if you're missing crisps. [Um.....I mentioned not to shoot the messenger, right...?]

      That's all I gleaned from that chat, will report back once they've posted today's gems.
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  3. Joodle

    Joodle Silver Member

    Here are the key points from today's chat (12th July 2012)

    - You can substitute 700g of plain soya products if you're not having other dairy products that day

    - Beef jerky is ok but try to find one low in sodium and fat

    - Tenderloin is ok but only very occasionally

    - Gammon is ok occasionally but only if it is low fat and has been well soaked to remove the salt

    - Green tea is useful as a diuretic but avoid it if your iron is low as it can inhibit absorption

  4. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Wow Joodle thank you, thats amazing. Yay on the Muller question and so pleased we got the egg one right LOL. Bless you, your a star x
  5. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

  6. Joodle

    Joodle Silver Member

    Ok, cool, I'll keep doing them if they're useful! The next one's tomorrow morning, watch this space! Jx
  7. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Thanks missus, you're a superstar! :clap:

    P xx
  8. willbefabulousat26

    willbefabulousat26 Likes to Dukan

    *whispers* I actually love crab sticks. Might give this a try and report back!
  9. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member


    P x ;)
  10. milton21

    milton21 Full Member

    Thanks Joodle - that's really useful x
  11. Jojo25

    Jojo25 Gold Member

    Really helpful, thanks hun x
  12. Joodle

    Joodle Silver Member

    Haha, Willbie, me too - I have every intention of trying this too, just know not all Dukanettes out there share our passion! Mmm, peelable fake fish. What's not to like?

    Let me know how you get on! Jx
  13. willbefabulousat26

    willbefabulousat26 Likes to Dukan

    Exactly! Glad to know I'm not the only one hehe. I'll have to remember to put crab sticks in my basket next time so I can give it a try. I will most certainly report back :D x
  14. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Thanks for the info joodle - youre a star x
  15. Joodle

    Joodle Silver Member

    Glad these are helpful, here are the key points from today's chat (13th July 2012):

    • To combat constipation, increase your oat bran intake to 3 tbsp per day plus 1 tbsp wheat bran, dink almost frozen water preferably in the morning and do some abdominal exercises in sets of 10. You can also have 200 grams of stewed rhubarb or some goji berries: one table spoon on your PP days and two on your PV days. Eat plenty of green vegetables on your PV days (spinach, salad...) and you can also have one tea spoon of linseeds per day as a tolerated item
    • In case of stagnation, increase physical activity and avoid all tolerated items for 4 days
    • It is normal to encounter ups and downs and even stagnation during the diet as the weight loss cannot be linear.
    • It is not a good idea to do extra attack days as your body could get used to pure proteins and might not respond anymore.
    • Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. [Yep, they actually said that!!)
  16. CHRISR

    CHRISR Gold Member

    Great Idea - Thank you J
  17. ceridwen

    ceridwen Silver Member

    Thanks for these Joodle, they are really helpful!
  18. cathcrops

    cathcrops Full Member

    Thank you Joodle :thankyou:
  19. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Now I'm confused. I know Rhubarb is limited to 100g a day on PP, but I thought it was unlimited on PV days....its a veg. Or are they saying do this as a minimum cos of constipaton.
  20. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

    I have rhubarb most days, not always the full dose of 100g. Need to have something like that to help with the transition issues.Cx
  21. Joodle

    Joodle Silver Member

    Not sure but my interpretation was that you can have 200g (ie 100g more than usually allowed on PP) to help with constipation, in the same way you can have an extra tbsp of oat bran. So sounds like 200g is the amount they're recommending for PP days if you're having trouble in that department!

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