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Dukan menus

I was reading some menu examples given by dr dukan and can't help thinking I would starve if I ate thet little. Then I get myself thinking I am eating too much! Right now for example I feel so full that I think there is no way I won't be heavier tomorrow.

I get I was so used to starve when on a diet that my mind is playing thickset on me...

Is it possible to eat, for example, 3000cal of protein and still loose?
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Serious question - could you eat 6 lbs of chicken breast in a day?
No way!
Well - you would have to eat almost 6 lbs of grilled chicken breast to equal 3000 calories.

And, even if you could, you can't store protein in your body. It doesn't turn into fat.
So why do you think dr dukan menus are so "small"? (not a lot of food)?
They don't seem particulary small to me - perhaps because they are so satisfying to eat, being full of good quality ingredients and interesting flavours.

Remember - whatever the menu, the quantites of protein and veg are unlimited.


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Try inputting one of your day's menus into www.weightlossresources.co.uk, Alessandra, or doing a proper calorie check. Despite eating like a horse, I rarely go over 1,000 calories on a PP.
Omg... Just did that with yesterday's menu.... Just the eggs and the meat I had yesterday it got to 1650 cal! I didn't count the yogurt and the oatbran.

Should I be more careful? I will have a look at your menus, maintainer.

I will count the calories today with more precision and see what happens
Yesterday total 2200calories! That's a lot! Isn't it?
Why are you counting calories now:confused:
The calories from protein will not be stored in your body if you don't use them, this is not a calorie in-calorie out diet!

You don't have to count anything, that's why I like DD:)
But I am curious how you managed to eat 2200 cal food if you haven't been naughty:D


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This is Alessandra's menu. I'm surprised, but don't have time to look closely. All the red meat adds up, I guess, so switching one meal to chicken/turkey would make a huge difference. I can't imagine you'd want 500g of meat (a POUND) for lunch and dinner every day

2 eggs 176
Oatbran 104
Quark 80

Casserole lean steak 2% fat - 720 cal
200grs Greek yog- 104

Meatloaf made with
600grs extra lean mince 756cal
1 egg - 55
Fromage- 50
Onion- 63

Eaten with 100 fromage - 50 cal
Desert 150 Greek yogurt 78

250 grs yogurt - 159 cal

Most of the calories you are eating come from protein, and can't be stored in the body but will repair and strengthen muscles.

The thirst you are experiencing suggests you are in ketosis - which actively burns stored fat.

Therefore - regardless of the calories count, your own body is telling you that it is burning fat and not storing it.

I strongly advise you to keep going, exactly as you are, until the end of your period, when any hormone related water retention will have stopped.

Make sure you drink plenty of water.
Alessandra, if you remember DR Dukan says in his book that say you consume 100 calories of protein... the body will only absorb 83 calories of those 100. I am not talking here storing fat, I leave that to Atropos as i am sure she knows what she is talking about, I am talking your calorie intake and absortion, which you seem very preoccupied with.;)

Something else to consider, in Atkins ( diet ),which is very high in fat and hence in calories, people lose lots of weight! :rolleyes:
Please dont worry about calories... only count them when you have been naughty ( as the Dr says in his book ) if you are following the diet as it should be then don't count them!:)
I know how hard it is to get your head around the fact that you can be losing weight whilst feeling full but it IS true! In fact, I usually lose more weight after days when I've eaten protein till it's coming out my ears (TOTM). Please don't get stressed counting.
Thank you :)

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