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DulcoEase - is this ok?

Angie H

Full Member

I have been a tad constipated so my LL counsellor said I could take Dulcolax or Dulcoease. I have bought Dulcoease and looked at the back of the packet and it says on the Do Not Take section that people who are intolerant to sorbitol, fructose and small amount of sugar should not take them

Am I right in thinking then that there is sugar etc in these and am I allowed to take them? This is just for the Dulcoease
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has started again!!
This is something I suffer from regularly now, but never ever before LL. :( I now have to write down when I last "went" in case i just forget!!! I had to take yet another Dulcolax yesterday, as its now been 6 days (again!!). I have been but oh boy.....I never had my children the conventional way but .....phew it hurts!! (sorry if too much info)

Tried the husks but made me gag. I drink all the water, eat nut crunch every day AND have the water flavours too

If you have an answer I would be so pleased to hear it....

Angie H

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I just don't have the answer. Have never had this in my life. I take powdered psyllium husks every morning in a shake ( only way I can do it).

In fact I do have the answers - the OXO type drink my LL counsellor gave me makes me go but the other way with the most awful childbirthy cramps ever - and wind - oh God !! I was chained to the house all day as just couldn't stop it....

Although I hate the constipation I really cannot cope with the OXO'y things either.

I am going once a day but well - not enough atall and it hurts!

I have had to be graphic here I am afraid to get my points over LOL !!!

I know I can take the Dulcolax but the Dulcoease makes the stools softer so easier to pass but they are coated and this is what I am worried about.

Might just go and get the original Dulcolax and have done with it plus they are half the price.

Am sure if I could have a good **** I would feel better !
I would go with whatever works best, even if the Dulcoease are coated - the quantities will be minimal.

Even if taking them were to slow your weightloss a fraction (and I doubt they will), surely getting rid of the pain is worth it.

Don't be embarrassed, most of us have suffered exactly the same thing!

Angie H

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I am getting slightly 'anal' pardon the pun about this topic! I think I may have just sussed out my problem. I have switched this morning from decaf tea to regular tea and I have just been 3 times. I went over to decaf tea and coffee 2 weeks ago as I was having trouble sleeping - caffeine on an empty belly maybe ??

I hated it anyway and had my first normal coffee last night and 2 cups of normal tea this morning and I had the familiar urges half an hour ago and hey presto !!!!

This may not be the overall solution for everyone but it has definitely solved my problem...

I am so relieved - LITERALLY......

I have only taken one Dulcoease half an hour ago so I don't think it was them.


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I find the water flavourings to have a very strong laxative effect - too much so sometimes, I've had to really run for it before!
Haha I know exactly what you mean I am like that on them. Trouble is I find myself feeling weak after an episode that lasts for hours. I think it is just finding the balance on this diet! However the caffeine is definitely doing it for me as I have just been again. Feel a stone lighter already and am sure my belly looks flatter - but that could just be wishful thinking.......


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so if we can take a laxative for constipation is there anything we can do if the diet has the OPPOSITE effect
please help as not to be too graphic i am getting a little sore
I used to take physillium husks but when had poor losses rang LL who said it was on the "no" list so took dulcolax and not only did I loose 6 ibs but also had the first decent poo since I started!! Bliss!!
Dulcolax Perles - will get some anyway. Psyllium Husks I thought were ok and I use the powdered form so there is not coating or anything. My LL counsellor said they were ok. What is the overall view on these?
Hi. I had to cut out the soups completely as I was on the loo constantly and yes very sore.

It seems to me that sticking just to the shakes bind me up. So am in a state the other way.

I think I need to introduce a soup a day to see if I can find a balance.

So far so good today though! Could just be the caffeine tho?
There are various thread on psyillium husks - som swear by them but they are on the no lost from LL (I rang to find out why I had poor losses - see sig)...they said it may be the PH & recc dulcolax so I tried the basic ones and had a decent poo & then lost 6 ibs this week. I rang LL today to clarify which ducolax because there are a variety and they said you can take any of them! The psyillium husks debate will no doubt go on (& on and on...) and you have to choose really! Our bodies are all dfferent & will react differently but from experience dulcoax have kept me more regular while PH did not but thats MY body!! Just try & see what happens! Good luck!

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