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Eating after Dark...?

Its a thought I had this morning and wondered what others views were...

When I was pregnant with me eldest who is now 6, I couldn't eat or drink anything after 8pm otherwise I would be up all night on the loo! Do you think if I stopped eating/drinking after 8pm now it would be beneficial? I've got some friends (stick thin I might add) who don't have anything after 7.7.30ish, I wonder if there is anything to this? We are told to have our main meal of the day at lunchtime and not as an evening meal, so perhaps there is some truth - people's opinions greatly welcome!

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isnt there some sort of quote that goes along the lines of 'breakfast: feast like a king. Lunch: dine like a queen. Dinner: as a pauper." dont think ive got that quite right, but you get the jist, that your 1st meal should be the biggest and your 3rd the smallest
isnt there some sort of quote that goes along the lines of 'breakfast: feast like a king. Lunch: dine like a queen. Dinner: as a pauper." dont think ive got that quite right, but you get the jist, that your 1st meal should be the biggest and your 3rd the smallest
Thanks Alex, I do like the quote....maybe if I ate more at breakfast, a biggish lunch I wouldn't want to snack in between meals as much as I used to and then a healthy snack for the evening...? Have to say though, with Go Lower I don't tend to snack as I don't feel the need, but the evenings are still the worst time of day for me...

Thanks KD, that was an interesting read...may still try not to eat after 8ish and see what happens?!

Will keep you all posted.
hchappy - I know eating a biggish breakfast works for a lot of people, but for me it seems to trigger something and I then just want to eat and eat and eat all day! I'm not saying that you shouldn't give having a bigger breakfast a try but just wanted to point out that it doesn't work well for others :)

I do quite like having a larger lunch and a bit less in the evenings, after getting used to this last year when I spent 8 months in Germany (it's the norm there to have lunch as the main meal), but at the moment I'm only having around 1000 calories on an average day, so lunch and dinner tend to be a similar size.

I don't think eating after dark is an issue really - unless it's the eve before a morning weigh in - erm so you have less in your system so to speak. I'm not even sure that's right in itself though!

Thanks guys...

I don't know how you miss breakfast starlight...I love my Go Lower breakfast, It's not loads but really does keep you satisfied, cereal with fruit and yoghurt. It's my lunch times that I suffer...not a lot of time. Although Go Lower do supply my food, I don't always have enough time to eat all my lunch which means when I get home from work am starving, thankfully Go Lower supply good snacks that do tied me over till dinner, but that is a small portion which is ample and makes me full, but then evenings and boredom kick in....maybe that's why I think I don't want to eat after dark - psychologically evenings are my worst time of day, so if I ban myself from eating then........Oh I don't know...But I do know I'm doing well on Go Lower so maybe should just stop thinking and analysing soo much... (sorry for the ramblings)

If you know you'd only be eating out of boredom in the evenings then maybe it is better for you to try and avoid it.
Only other thing I can see is if there is anyway you can save the part of your lunch you don't get to finish and eat that later (instead of when you now have your snack), so you could save your allowed snack until the evening?

Your doing so well on Go Lower it really would be a shame for you to go off track, so stick with what your allowed and just don't think about it too much! Easier said than done I know :)


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I was always under the impression that we shouldn't eat late at night.

I don't know why, maybe it is just an old wives tale but then I was also told I should never miss breakfast.

I do struggle somedays to eat breakfast because of the lack of time etc and the fact I don't feel hungry in the morning.

However, when I do eat breakfast I find it kick starts my metabolism off for the day. I then do want to eat more but that just means I finish my Go Lower lunch. I don't always finish it at lunchtimes though, as it does seem to be a lot but I may snack on it during the afternoon.

I also find once I am tired I can't be bothered to eat so know I musn't wait until it is late and I make sure I eat at a reasonable time.
Sugar fiend, that's a good idea - i've been throwing out my lunches that I've not finished, stupid I know, but it didn't even occur to keep it till later to snack on when I get in from work and then as you say I'll be able to have my Go Lower snack in the evening...You are a genius. Thank you!

Suzy, I know what you mean too. If I'm tired then I also can't be bothered to eat a proper meal and then is when I can hit rock bottom and snack. That is another good thing about Go Lower, as all meals are prepared I don't have to think too much about it, in the microwave and eat....sleep!

Thanks again Sugar Fiend. Will save my left over lunch today and snack on it when I get in from work and then have real snacks tonight.

Hopefully it'll solve that little problem.



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If I didn't have the Go Lower meals evenings would be a nightmare for me.

You are so right, open packet, microwave for a couple of minutes, plate, eat and then relax and sleep!!!!

What could be easier and quicker???
hi ladies i dont eat that late in the evenings. During the week i eat tea with the kids as im usually on my own and if my Oh is home i go to the gym now so i dont have time to snack in the evenings.
I defenatley love the fact that the Go Lower food is so easy and even the recepies are easy too.
Logically I know that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, no matter when you eat it; but when I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes, and eating in a evening played havoc with my blood sugars.

I could eat something in the morning, and have lovely low sugars an hour after - eat the same thing at 8pm, and they'd go sky high.
So I'm trying not to eat too much in an evening, just in case it makes a difference.


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I also cheat..... I have a dishwasher to wash up my one plate and cutlery....... so yes although hardly any washing up Go Lower, I don't even do it.

I had to run the dishwasher on rinse yesterday as their is so little in it with only me and the OH and he just has salads during this weather so the dishwasher is far from full. With the kids around we normally fill it up every day.
Rachel, I hope you are ok now...if eating in the evenings is no good for you, then at least you know where you stand and don't have to worry about the munchies!!!

Suzy, also have a dishwasher, but now I can fit everything into it and do no washing up! Great, love it!



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this does show how lazy we have got as a nation.

I guess that is also another reason we gain weight because we have so many labour saving devices.

I can just imagine how slim I would be if I didn't have a car...... yet I won't give it up!

I am so thankful to Go Lower that I am finally shifting this weight. Maybe I will start to walk more when I reach target as I won't be so out of breath and I can give the car a rest every now and then.

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