Eating in public vs eating alone.


Gone fishing
Just reading Kitty's message on conscious eating. Something that I've been thinking a lot about today.

I had a packet of Frisps this afternoon. I don't usually eat crisps any more as they are one of my worst trigger foods...but frisps...can't not eat frisps :D

Now if I have some crisps at a buffet, I take one. I nibble a bit..I think "ummm...nice". I move it around my mouth until gone and nibble some more. A few minutes later I have finished that one crisp. I may choose to have another, and repeat the process. Then I go off and chat. Might come back half and hour later and try another.

One packet of crisps on my own in front of the TV. Grab a handful, stuff in mouth, chew twice, swallow. Repeat until packet has finished (about 3 more times). Look for another packet as some gremlin has stolen the rest of the one I was eating.


Oh yes I know what you mean! I had a slice of malt loaf yesterday at a friends house and when he was on the phone I looked at the pack as I used to eat the whole load and it is 1100 calories before you put the butter on!! I used to eat two malt loafs in an evening!!! (but only if Jo was at work!)
Oh yes many a time I have sat at home eating for england and thought.. what if I was being watched, I wouldnt be eating at all! Maybe I should audition for Big Brother?! LOL
always very careful in public and never ate anything bad i hated eating in front of people! thats why i often had comments from close friends and family such as we cant understand why you have got so big you never eat! (little did they know the mounds of rubbish id just sat and eaten in my room!) x
Always been very aware and careful of what i eat in public, for example if i'm out with the in-laws i NEVER have dessert (following a few mean comments from mother-in-law) whereas at home i've been known to devour a whole 500ml tub of ice cream in one sitting.
To be honest it depended who i was with at the time. If it was just me and DH i wouldnt care what i ate. I always had the attitude of ' if they dont like it its tough....i dont give a monkeys what people think' etc. Even if i was with close friends and certain family members it didnt really bother me what i was eating. I was maybe more concious of eating slightly more healthy, but thats all.
Then again sometimes in certain situations, such as being in a crowd, or group of people my own age, i tended to eat less or, again, more healthy food. I think i was more scared of getting nastly comments from people in my own age group, especially if they were all thin.
Now, 4 st lighter im not so conscious, even though im still a size 18. Being a size 24 made me stick out like a sore i blend in slightly more.
And at home....well.....if no one can see me eating it, it never really happened!!! No really, i love Slimming World and all the good habits its teaching me.