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hi, everyone!

not sure whether i should have started a new post for this?!?
today was my first weigh-in and i am so pleased to report that i have lost 9.5 pounds this week and it's only been a six day week (i started last Tuesday)!
so pleased with myself... especially as there has been family coming from every corner of the country this weekend and have been out for 2 pub meals and sat not eating but drinking fizzy water, don't wanna come across as smug because i'm not i'm just so chuffed with myself for not saying "sod it" and eating with them anyway.....and today has proved it was worth it......now its full steam ahead for week 2!!
hope you are all doing ok!
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fantastic! you go girl!! what a fabulous loss and wonderful kick start. Well done on managing not to give in.
thanks purple julie!
wow you're doing really well too - nearly 2 stone in a month - hope i can do as well as you!!
i know you were a bit disapointed with your 3 pound loss but believe me if i could do as well as you i'd be chuffed!
its a pig when there is a fair bit to lose because it takes a couple of stone for others to start noticing but at least on this regime it happens pretty quick!!
rooting for you for this weeks weigh in!
Well done on your loss thats cool! I am now in my 6 week and I feel the best that I have felt in ages!! this time is going to be the worst so when you have got through this you will get through anything!! especially when you have done sooooo well!! you wait you will reach your target before you know it... I can't wait to reach mine x

S: 19st4lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you Fran. weigh in tomorrow. Have noticed that I've been drinking a bit less so will try and up that again as I'm sure it helps with the weightloss.

I'm pleased with myself, having refused chocolates and all sorts in the last few days. And people have started to notice which is great. Clothes are starting to feel a bit big too - such a great feeling. It certainly helps you want to carry on.
hi guys,

well second weigh in happened this afternoon and i lost another 7 pounds.....woohoo!! thats over a stone in two weeks - am very chuffed!!
i haven't really been saying much on the other boards because i don't really feel worthy yet! i just don't want anyone to think that i am being selfish by just posting about myself!
i do check on here though SEVERAL times a day, i'm an addict - well, my food addiction had to go somewhere, lol!!
hope you are all doing well!
hi all and happy Christmas (eve),
have been for my Christmas weigh-in and have lost another five pounds - very pleased, i wanted 4.5 pounds to get to a stone and a half lost and i got it PLUS another half pound into my next half stone!!
i'm gonna have to be very brave tomorrow to resist everything - i hope i manage it and i also hope that everyone else here who is saying no to christmas food this year manages to be strong!
i am going to keep thinking that a loss is far more important to me than the food - i shall be running that little sentence through my head SO many times tomorrow...lol!!
well happy christmas to you all from me!
Fran :)
i'm back.....online!!

hi all,
wow loads of new people it has taken me ALL DAY to catch up on all the posts - much better than housework though!!
well i have been stranded for a couple of weeks with no computer and therefore no minimins and it's been a bummer! it was all my own fault, my computer is a laptop and when i was hoovering a couple of weeks ago i yanked the lead out (with said hoover) and broke it.....it has taken till today to get a new power lead delivered and boy am i glad to be back!!
well when i went for my weigh-in a couple of weeks ago i was really really really struggling, all i could think about was food and it was driving me mad! anyway my pharmacist TOLD me not to go home but to go and get a cross-stitch kit to keep me busy - it worked!! and then i did so well that week (not obsessing on food) that this week i feel much more upbeat!i am only 29 and i did feel a bit of an old fogey buying cross-stitch but i dont care if it gets me through!!
anyway, from what i have read everyone is doing really well and kicking off the new year by kicking off the weight in style - congrats all!
over the last 2 weeks i've lost 8.5 pounds - just to keep you up-to-date!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Hi Frankly,

Well Done on the weight loss!!! You're doing so well, u must b proud. That was a really good suggestion from ur pharmacist, seems really supportive. It's nice to know there are some out there!!!!

(P.S. U must b goin mad without minimins.... I've only been here bout 2 weeks and already soooooo addicted)
Well done fran - kley!!! Thats Fantastic, hmm. great idea about the cross stitiching hmmmm........ I might just buy one.
hi all,
thanks for all your lovely replies - they mean tons!:)
well, i have just completed week seven and am onto week 8 now and have lost another 5 pounds - again really really chuffed - another 2.5 pounds and i'l have managed 3 stone woop woop!!
here's wishing you all a great week full of inner strength!
Wow well done Fran thats fantastic!! WI tomorrow for me hope its as good as yours. Keep it up and congrats xx


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Down 5lbs.!!!:party0011::party0011::party0011:

Well done Fran:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
thanks mini - i'm so thrilled about it i feel really excited, as if i'm about to go on holiday or something - eeek eeek woop woop!
Tracy - thankyou too.. i wish you the best of luck for your weigh in tomorrow (not that luck has anything to do with it....more like damn hard work getting mind over matter, lol), i'm sure you'll do great and be feeling all hyped up like me for the next week!

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