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Em_Butterfly's CD Diary

Thursday 16th August '07

Hi all,

I thought that if I started an online diary it would help to keep me focused!

To tell you a little about myself, I'm 24 and have been overweight my whole life. I'm single and I truly believe it is down to my weight and lack of confidence as my sister (who looks very similar, but slimer) gets lots of attention. My weight holds me back from doing the things I want to do because I don't believe in myself. So I decided that enough was enough, I heard about the diet through a friend and got straight on it. It works for me because I live alone and I just don't buy any food :) I currently weigh 11 stone 12 lbs and I want to be 8 stone 7 lbs by Christmas. If I stick to the 'stone-per-month' average I should be able to do so and enjoy those Christmas parties in some nice small clothes!

I started on the diet a few months ago and was angelic up until about halfway through when I began to occasionally cheat :( I could have probably been much closer to my target weight if it wasn't for that but I'm back on track now so that's the most important thing! Although saying that...

Today was my sister's birthday so having been sticking to the diet 100% for the last week I slipped a bit tonight and had a chinese with the rest of my family. I know it's bad but it was a special occasion and I know that tomorrow I will be back on track. Before I would have come home and carried on eating with that whole 'well I might as well just re-start tomorrow now!' attitude, but I haven't had a thing apart from my dinner :D

Hope you are all doing well! :)

Love Em_Butterfly x
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Hi Ems. I read the first paragraph and it was like reading about myself, except that I have more weight to lose than you lol. Just want to wish you luck and I hope you get to target by Xmas. :)
Thank you Lyn! You're well on you're way! Not long until that first stone and it really does feel good once you've done that! Are you new to the diet? x
I done foundation phase of LL last year but didn't know how to refeed properly when I left and piled the weight back on. Spent the next 12 months trying to get my motivation back to do this again and finally did on the 31st July.

Discovered a CDC, a good bit away but only one here and I was very pleased cos cheaper than LL and I had found the counselling useless lol. So after waiting ten days for doctor's approval I am hoping she will sign next week so I can officially start.

been having 3 LL packs and a since Fri after reducing carbs for a week and getting on ok.:D
Excellent! Well, it's hard to re-start but you're obviously ready to do so since you're already getting on it! Well done! Sure you will do it this time! I think the CD is really good because it just takes food out of the equation and I think they are pretty good at slowly bringing in food once you reach goal :)
Friday 17th August '07

Morning all!

So far, so good! About to have my first pack of the day, probably a choc tetra. Stomach is rumbling a little but I'm guessing this is due to the Chinese invasion last night. I'm not going to dwell on it as it was my sister's birthday meal and I know I'm back on track now. I've checked the scales and the damage isn't too bad, about 1lb which I'm sure will be knocked off today.

I'm a teacher so I'm currently enjoying 6 weeks off (2 weeks left...arrgh so much work to do!) but have been pretty lazy. So far I have had a two week holiday and that's about it! I'm working part time over the summer for some extra cash but I haven't painted my flat as planned or started to plan the million lessons I really should have started on! So today I'm going to get organised. My flat needs a good clean and then I'm working for a few hours this evening! Cleaning should burn a few calories and I also find that if my home is organised, I'm more organised...does anyone else feel like that? I'm hoping that I will then be able to motivate myself to get to the gym instead of using excuses such as: 'hmm but I really need to do the washing up and put a wash on so I'll go tomorrow'. Then I can paint next week and lesson plan in my final week (oh yes, leaving it until the last minute!). Thank God for inset day on my first day back!

My weigh-ins are on a Wednesday so really want to have shifted another 4lb by then hopefully! I feel much more focused again, kind of like I did when I first started the diet earlier this year. I know I will do it, by Christmas I WILL be slim. No more messing about, it's a few months and that's it! I'll be done and ready to start re-educating myself on how to eat sensibly. Apparently a good read is 'French Women Don't Get Fat' by Mireille Guiliano and I have just ordered it from Amazon.

Sorry for the long post! Hope you're all doing well? Any tips on gym-motivation gratefully received!

Em x
Hi again Ems. I meant to type I am having 3 packs plus a meal (and a few snacks!) a day lol. Had a bad weekend though but the great thing about the diet is that any gains we have comes off within days.

How are you getting on? Did you get to the gym?
Hi Guys.....

Well I started CD on 10th August and I have stuck to it religiously since and have managed to lose a stone....but official week 2 weigh in is on thursday

Yeah I have really low days...really low :cry:especially when I see everyone at home eating all the good stuff... but I have made a commitment that tis is going to be the last diet I do...so i have to strive on but reading all of your threads has been great

So Thank you!!:)
Designerdiva23;342197 Yeah I have really low days...really low :cry:especially when I see everyone at home eating all the good stuff... but I have made a commitment that tis is going to be the last diet I do...so i have to strive on but reading all of your threads has been great So Thank you!!:)[/quote said:
Well done! I am so glad I don't have to cook for anyone. It'd drive me mad. :D
Tuesday 21st August


Hope you're all well?

Lyn - you're so right. The great thing about this diet is that even if you mess up, you can get back on and still get some results at the end of the week : ) I do find it hard though. Like Designerdiva, it gets me down sometimes. It's weird but my sister thinks I'm different on the diet and much more irritable than I normally am. I guess it must get to me more than I realise. I have drank a couple of times and it is a really bad combination with the diet so I'm going to avoid doing so in future as I have fallen out with friends, something that never happened before I was on Cambridge. I'm just concentrating on getting it done now and being slim for Christmas so I can EAT!!!

I had my weigh in tonight, I've lost 1.5lbs which means I'm off target for my Christmas weight loss :( but it is TTOTM so hopefully next week will make up for it! I really do need to get drinking the water too!

I haven't been to the gym yet! I am officially ****! But to be fair I have got a lot of work to do before I go back to school and it will be easier to fit it in when I have the set schedule of work. I'm going to try and go before school every week day :) we will see how long that lasts! I would like to keep it up though as a friend of mine recently lost her Grandma and I was thinking how nice it would be to do some kind of run or something for the charity Ovacome.

Anyway, that's all for today! Feeling knackered because I've been painting my classroom all day!

Hope you're all well?

Em x
Ah the dreaded totm and it's water retention, grr. End up with only a small loss or none. Is that Ovacome to do with ovarian cancer? That's a good idea to raise some money for the charity plus it'll maybe push you into getting fit enough for it.

Me and painting don't mix, the walls end up streaky and full of hairs from brush. :D
Wednesday 22nd August

Hi all!

Hi Lyn - yep Ovacome is a charity for ovarian cancer. Really hope to be able to do some fundraising next year once I'm a bit fitter! I'm rubbish at painting too...had paint all over my clothes and in my hair...genius!

I woke up this morning after having a lovely dream about a man I have liked for the best part of a year...unfortunately I woke up and remembered nothing ever happened with us (despite him telling me he liked me and flirting none-stop for the first 6 months that I knew him...) and his brother taking it upon himself to let me know he has started seeing someone. Oh well. But at least in the dream I was slim! It was really motivating! Love it!

I'm going to a funeral today, it's for a friend's Gran but still, they are always sad events. I'm going to have to be careful at the wake to try and avoid any food but still be polite as they spent the whole night cooking?!? Not sure how I'm going to work that one?

Hope you all have a good day!

Em xx
Good dream that. I've liked this guy for about a year or so except he doesn't know I exist...well maybe as 'that fat girl' but soon it'll be 'that fat girl who lost a load of weight'. :D

How'd you get on at the funeral? I would've suggested walking around with a plate and sorta pretending to eat but didn't see your post on time.
Saturday 3rd July 2010

OK so three years ago now (!) I got down to a reasonably slim size and have put it all back on and some. Am huge and so unhappy. I have decided that I'm going to SS right up to Christmas with only a five day break when I go to see my sister in Spain and a week break for my holiday. Even then I plan to be mega healthy. Going for it now! Who is with me?

If anyone has any tips about exercise that does not prevent weight loss but helps to reduce excess skin please let me know!

Em x
Sunday 4th July 2010

Sat in a Subway restaurant today and my mouth was literally watering! Was very painful! So I bought myself a dress instead!

Hungry today. Wondering about holidays - what do people do? I'm going away for five days in a few weeks and then a week in just over a month. How do I keep the weight loss going whilst eating?

Firstly - welcome back!

Secondly - try low carbing whilst you are on holiday. You may well stay in ketosis, and therefore not feel desperate to binge, and you'll also be able to eat lovely yummy healthy food.
exercise you could try
pilates - my choice
body balance - offered by some gyms seems to be pilates/yoga based
tai chi
those all use muscles slowly and should not impede weight loss
I myself do swimming with my friends children- and go to the gym three times a week (I was doing it before cambridge) and I walk to work and down town not taking my car

as for the holiday
you could take some shakes with you and have them for one of your meals and low carb the rest of the time - that way you will stay in ketosis and should still lose weight
Tuesday 6th July 2010

Thank you for the tips girls :) I will definately try out the yoga or pilates - I think my gym does both of those. I will probably avoid the carbs like the plague and try and stick to protein and salad whilst I'm away.

I can already tell I'm losing weight - my black stripey rose top was much looser around my stomach for work today and my linen trousers are getting bagging. It's only day 6 so that's pretty good! I'm hoping for a good weight loss tomorrow!

I've got a leaving do to go to this Saturday so I shall be taking it easy and having maybe one drink and that's it. One of my friends wasn't happy at that as we are usually drinking buddies when we go out and have a great time but I know I'd much rather be slim. I'm hoping I can still have a good time without the drink - that sounds so bad!

I will let you know how the weigh in goes tomorrow!

Thursday 8th July 2010

Had my weigh-in yesterday and lost 9.8lbs! Very happy! Hoping I can get down into the 16 stone bracket next week:angel09:

I got some of the soups and they're nasty! Will take them back for a swap!


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