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Emily Jane's Diary

Hi guys,

I'm new to weight watchers. Came off lipotrim last week so have now refed and everything lost one and a half stone in total :)

I am now hoping to follow weight watchers, i will be joining the classes in a couple of weeks after my friend has finished lipotrim but until then i thought it would help by writing it in a diary.

I'll use today as day 1

Day 1

2 weetabix & semi-skimmed milk - 3

Tuna Salad - 4
Walker's French Fries Worcester - 1.5

100g of mixed grapes - 2
1 apple - 1
sugar free jelly - 0
2 fruit crunch ryvitas - 2
ww toffee yoghurt - 1/2
nutri grain raisin elevensees - 2.5

I haven't actually ate all of these snacks just yet and need to write my tea down. if anyone can point out if i am doing anything wrong please let me know.

thanks emily xx
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Oh no i was really bad last night. got in and started munching on twiglets.

Twiglets - 3
X 2 Pink n Whites - 1

Chicken stir fry - 4.5


Allowed - 22
Consumed - 25

Whoops :/ xx
Day 2

2 weetabix & semi-skimmed milk - 3

Chicken salad sandwich (50/50 bread, chicken, lettuce, cucumber and extra light may) - 3
Walker's French Fries Worcester - 1.5

100g of mixed grapes - 2
1 apple - 1

So far I've had 10.5 points another 11 yet, will post the rest tonight :) xx
ww yoghurt - 0.5
x 2 fruit crunch ryvitas - 2
x 5 mini eggs - 1.5
18g twiglets - 1
x 2 digestive - 3

Scampi and salad - 3
Light mayo - 1

Allowed - 22
Consumed - 23

I really need to be more strict really, I was going to lie about not having all those snacks when I came back from work and the mini eggs but I would just be lying to myself. :)

Hi Emily Jane and welcome! Im quite new too and it looks like we have pretty much started at the same starting weight and have the same goal weight! Ur 20Lb loss is fantastic, so well done on that!!Dont beat urself up, im just starting on my 4th week in and have been naughty and gone over the points on some days and still have had a loss each week (7 and half lbs down now)..some days are'nt too bad but other days i will find it soo hard to stick to my allocated points..so i understand ur struggle! Are you doing any exercise at the moment..i completley hate it myself but have forced myself to go swimming 3x's a week and i think that must be making a difference...anyway, keep at it and if you feel like snacking i usually go for either baked walkers crisps (1.5pts a bag), WW yoghurt (0.5 /1 pt depending on which kind it is) or some fruit.

Lots of luck hun x
Hi lozzie,

Thanks lots for your kind message!! :)

you have done sooo well so far hun, yes i have been a little excercise like swimming and try to do 30 mins excercise in my room each day like 100 sit ups, press ups just a general excercise really. feel lots better for it, shud be having a wii fit plus soon too.

i aren't going to the classes atm but i will be doing once my friend has finished the lipotrim diet but i am trying to follow it as much as i can atm. how are u finding this?!

Hi Hun

OMG...100 Sit-ups, im well impressed! I really do hate exercise but to be fair have felt so much better since ive made the effort and gone swimming..i think sometimes its getting the motivation to go and do it, once im there, its great! Ive actually got one of those abs crunchers stashed away in what i call my "crap cupboard" :) i may hunt it out tomorrow and take a note out of your book..i think 100 is a far off goal for me yet tho! lol :)

Hope you dont mind me asking but im really curious about the Lipotrim diet..never heard of it before but since i joined this forum have seen it mentioned lots..what does that diet entail exactly hun?

I can honestly say im finding WW is great..which trust me, is a first for me! ive tried loads of faddy diets in the past and i always get fed up of feeling hungry and deprived so ultimately i think sod it..not the best attitude i admit!:) however, im finding WW great! As i said in my earlier post i do have days when i struggle (weekends tend to be the killer for me) but always try and save a few points so i can have a drink and treat..then i dont feel deprived and that keeps me on the straight and narrow :)

Oooh ive just noticed ur from stoke-on-trent..not far from me matey x
Hi Lozzie,

I noticed you lived in Cheshire too, tried send you a private message. Not sure if it worked though lol. Also notice you're a holiday advisor, I also work in travel!! :) What company do you work for???

Yes. the 100 sit ups are hard to begin with but when I put some dance music on it really gets me motivated, and sometimes do them in 25 intervals.

I really love going swimming, it's brill. Yes girl get that abs cruncher out!!! If you don't mind me asking what size clothes are you now?!

Lipotrim is just basically shakes; you have one for breakfast, morning and tea and eat nothing else. You can only drink water (still or sparkling) and black tea or coffee. It's really hard but it works, I lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks :) but couldnt stick it anymore so though ww would be more appropriate!! It's about £36 a month too aswell, so a little expensive but not that bad considering you don't spend money on any other food or drink.

I do think, weight watchers is great although i need to be more strict i think.

Have you got a diary or anything?!

Morning hun,

I've just checked my private email and yes there is a message from you! Well i haven't officially started my job as a holiday advisor yet..it will start on 29th March. I was made redundant in December and am sick of having to put "unemployed" on forms so thought what the hell, i'll put my job title down as it will start v soon. Its for a Company called HolidayBreak who deal pre-dominantly with short breaks and camping hols in europe..how bout u? What company do u work for? The holiday industry is completley new for me i must say..i have worked in property in the past... so shud be a fun challenge!

Oh my god, I really dont think I could do that Lipotrim diet..thats the kind of diet i would only last a few days on then feel deprived and give up! I cant do without my treats of a weekend..or solid foods to be fair, would kill me (bit dramtatic there i know! lol) but well done for sticking at it for so long, you must have fantastic willpower girly!

I think you will find WW great when you get into it..after the Lipotrim diet it should feel like heaven to you! :) You may be struggling a little at the moment because ur so used to the strict restrictions on your last diet and i suppose ur given more le-way on WW which strangely might be harder for you to do at first..keep at it though hun, will get easier and you will feel so much better for it.

Im off swimming shortly and then i am going to get that ab cruncher out and push myself this afternoon..wish me luck :)

When is your weigh in day hun??

Oh and yes, I have just started a diary this week..under this section actually "Weight Watchers food diaries"..it is called "Lozzies food diary w/c 15/03/2010" or something to that effect, feel free to have a gander my lovely.

Chat soon x
Wow, well done on the new job!! I work in the commercial department for co-operative travel, i love it. I started as a modern apprentice two years ago and now i'm a fully fledged commercial assistant! haha. Looking forward to your new job etc?!

Lipotrim diet is proper extreme but worth it, the shakes do grow on you after a while and I never felt hungry. Think alot of it is a physcological thing of not feeling hungry too!!

Really looking forward to getting stuck into ww tho :) I love my little treats like pink n whites and stuff, it is heaven since LT

Hope you have fun at swimming and manage to get the abs cruncher out :)

I am not actually going to any classes at the moment until my friend comes off LT in a couple of weeks, but thought I could get a little head start first. But will be going on a Monday I think :) Whens ur weigh in hun??

Oooh, I'll have to have a gander at your diary then hun :)

Hi hun

I've just noticed u asked me something in ur earlier post which i completley missed..not ignoring ya i promise:) I am actually in size 16 clothes at the moment...boo :-( initially will be over the moon to get down to 14's and then will work at pushing more to a size 12! What size r u in now matey?

I dont actually go to the meetings myself..i have the book and just work from that, but i do weigh in (at home) on a Tuesday morning...i dont personally need to got to the meetings but a friend of mine does as she needs the pressure of that weigh in to keep her on the straight and narrow! dont get me wrong, i do have my moments but generally if i get something in my head, i'll do my best to stick at it and can be quite determined..

Yeh, im well giddy about starting work..the great thing is, a girl i used to work with is starting with me on the same day which is brilliant..means the first day nerves wont be as bad as there will be someone there that i know, yay! :)

Yeh defo hun, have a look at my diary..im just gonna update it now with today's plan. If you need any meal idea's etc, jsut ask..ive found a few simple recipes from WW and they are yum. Actually feel like im eating a better variation on this diet than i did before i started :)

Haha, i thought you may have thought it just a little personal. :p

I am actually pretty much the same. When i started LT i was 13 stone and 10 pounds, which was horrendus and when i finished LT i was 12 stone and 4 pounds, so think I'm around 12 and a half stone now cause put a few little pounds on since coming off it. I really want lose another 2 stone ish. The 16's are getting bigger now, so think I am more of a 14 now. But 12's are my goal too :)

Do you do okay not going to the meetings?? I think i may do it myself if i do well with it, just need to get myself some decent skills because i have quite good willpower so i think i could do it myself. what books are these?! and could i get them somewhere else??

Aww, that's great that she's starting too. You can both have the nerves together!! What will you be doing there then??

I will defo looking in your diary and may pinch some ideas :p im the same, i'm quite young anyway so never used to cook or anything and now i'm feeling much more experimental with food. i loveee it :)

Day 3

Corn Flakes and Semi-skimmed milk - 3

100g mixed grapes - 2
1 medium apple - 1
WW Yogurt - 0.5
One pink n white - 0.5

Medium jacket potato with tuna and a small bit of lf mayo - 4
Walker's French Fries Worcester - 1.5
WW Vanilla yoghurt - 0.5

Points allowed - 22
Points consumed (not consumed all snacks yet btw) - 13

Will update after my tea later :) xx
your diary sounds good chick..what you planning for your tea tonight?? I have gammon on the menu for this eve! :) btw, your apple is only 0.5pts so u have another 0.5 that you didnt expect! :)

Cant wait for my size 16's to get baggier :) you lucky devil

Im actually finding it ok doing it alone plus im saving money coz its like a fiver to get weighed in which i can do at home myself to be fair! I think it depends on the person but you stayed focused on that really difficult diet so really dont think u wud have a problem doing it yourself hun. I've got the WW digital scales and have set myself weigh in days, mini goals and long term goal - i think its totally do-able as long as you stay on track..

now re: the book - basically i had a free voucher to go and register at a WW meeting so i went along and got weighed then they give u a little folder which has a book inside that includes the majority of foods and their point allowance and also it has a little chart which you use to work out any foods that may have been missed out in the book. I know a lot of ppl use the calculators and whatnot but i find this is enough for me to do it. There's also a few recipe idea's in there to get you started which is cool...Why dont u try the same hun?? just go along to a meeting, get ur stuff and get cracking?! :)

If you don't fancy doing that, then i believe you can buy a load of the books off ebay for cheapish?? x
Hi hun, sorry it took me sooo long to reply.

thanks, had a nice chicken curry. quite high in points but never mind :p

how was your gammon?? what did you have with it?? Oooh i'll have to change that apple to 0.5 in future :)

It's great when the size 16s get baggy, but not when i've got a family party to go to tomorrow night and nothing to wear!! haha

yes, i think i could probably do it on my own actually. think i may do :) i know i'm going to go quite a lot of track this weekend because i've got a family party tomorrow night and then going to watch a band on saturday night in brum and night out after, but will get back on it afterwards. will just be the alcohol that will make me go over tbh.

i think i may just get the books off the internet or something. have u done many diets before ww??

Good evening hunny,

oooh chicken curry..yum yum in my tum! lol :) was it home made or a take-away jobby?? My tea was v nice to be fair, had the gammon with veg and WW carrot & swede mash, then ive just had a big bowl of sugar free jelly which has hit the spot for now! Hey and guess what..i did some sit ups earlier, yay! (so sad that i'm proud of myself for that!!) but only managed 70..will keep upping it each day..doesnt help that the ab cruncher i have is old and very dodgy..have visions of it falling apart whilst im doing them and it clunking on me head or something , hahaha :)

Aaah yes, i see what you mean with the clothes situation..shame they dont make size 15's eh? that would be perfect. Still baggy 16's is much better than tight one's!!

Sounds like you have a fab weekend planned hun..im well jealous! Ive not got much on this wkend, trying to save the pennies really until i start working and earning my own money. My lovely bfriend has been paying for everything recently, bless him...so, we r having friends round tomorrow night when i shall hit the vodka big sty-lee! :) Sat night will be a night in front of the box, maybe a film and definately a chinese!!

WW is the first diet I have stuck to..have done all sorts in the past..mainly low calorie diets and slimming world but they never lasted..hence why im so pleased this one is working for me!!

yes, get urself on ebay matey for those books x
it was homemade and was delicious, i may have some for my dinner tomorrow as there is some left over!! :)

your tea sounds delicious hunny and well done on the sit ups. very proud hun!! haha

aww. bet you can't wait to start work and earn your own money. xxxx
Hi Chick

Haven't spoken to you in a few days, thought i would just say Hi and see how you are getting on?? Hope you enjoyed the weekend...it's just flew by for me! My next weigh in is tomorrow morning (Tuesday) so wish me luck..am not feelin that hopeful tho if i'm being honest :-( When are you having urs hun..or have you already had it?? Good luck either way :)

Speak soon x

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