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Emmabi's going Red food diary!!


likes to eat!
Well, here goes!

Sat 24th July - RED.

B/fast: Hi-fi bar - orange one (mmm mmm mmmmmmm) (HEB)

250ml semi-skimmed milk to add to cups of tea throughout the day = one HEA, am strggling to do 2 HEAs a day, need to have a look through my books for some ideas!

mid-morning snack: strawberries

Dinner: tesco tikka chicken chunks, half a bag of mixed leaves, 1 tablespoon of lighter than light mayo (1/2 syn)

mid afternoon snack: strawberries and a shape zero yoghurt (these are really nice, nice change from mullerlights, a lot thicker I think)

Tea: turkey bolognaise, made with onions, courgettes, mince, tinned toms, garlic, added some green beans too that needed using up, served with brown pasta (HEB), which was actually quite nice.

Syns: mayo 1/2
Wine: 15

Total: 15 1/2 - not bad for a Saturday night ;)

My first red day went well, having to think about it a lot more than I did on EE, but will soon get my head around it!!

Emma xxx
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likes to eat!
Sun 25th July - Red Day

B/fst: Orange hi-fi bar. (HEB)

Dinner: remainder of bagged lettuce leaves and chicken tikka chunks, plus mayo 1/2 syns.

Afternoon snack: pineapple chunks.

Tea: pork loin (fat removed), cabbage and leek mix, tinned toms and new potatoes (HEB)

Aft snack: rest of pineapple chunks...

Syns, 1/2 mayo, 15 wine (again, eek)

HEB: Hi-Fi bar and new potatoes
HEA: 250ml semi-skimmed milk, struggling for the other, may have some LC ligh triangles later this evening when munchies kick in!!:D


likes to eat!
Monday 26th July - Red Day

B/fast: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices of nimble wholmeal (HEB)

morning snack: banana and strawbs.

lunch: tinned mackeral in spicy tomato sauce with half a bag of mixed leaves and mullerlight.

afternoon snack: strawberries.

tea: slow-cooked beef madras with brown rice, made a boob thinking I could use brown rice as my other HEB, but it seems I cannot.:sigh:

Syns: Brown rice, not sure how many, but only had a few tablespoons, and had no other syns during the day, so should be OK

HEB: Wholemeal bread.
HEA: milk in cups of tea, still struggling with HEA

Emma xx


likes to eat!
Tuesday 27th July - Red Day (and payday, hurrah)

B/fast: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices of wholemeal nimble (HEB)

morning snack: banana

Lunch: a tin of mackrel in tom sauce with the remainder of yesterday's bagged lettuce leaves.

afternoon snack: another banana, felt a bit wobbly after taking my toddler bowling, it was sooooo warm.

Afternoon snack: strawbs and mullerlight

tea: white steamed fish, new pots (HEB), mangetout and tinned toms.

Syns: glass of wine - 6, might have a few snacks later, too warm today though.

HEBs: Bread and new potatoes.
HEA: Milk 250ml added to tea during the day, will drink the rest before bed as toms give me really bad indigestion :(

Good day :D


likes to eat!
Wednesday 28th July - Red Day

B/fast: one poached egg on two slices of nimble (HEB)

milk in tea throughout the day (HEA)

morning snack: strawberries and an apple.

lunch: mixed salad leaves and sainsbury's chicken tikka chunks. 1 tablespoon of extra light mayo (1/2 syn)

Afternoon snack: orange mullerlight and a Fibre Plus Bar, 6 syns.

Tea: Got home from work way too late, so just had a tuna mayo sandwich, 2 slices of nimble (HEB), tin of tuna (ate what didn't fit in the bread), 1 tablespoon of extra light mayo 1/2 syn)

HEBs: Nimble * 2 (hope this does not come back to bite me on the bum)

HEA: Just one today - 250ml milk.

Syns: 1 extra light mayo, 6 fibre plus bar, and a bite of DH's pizza, so should have enough for that!!!

Weigh-in tomorrow, please please let me get my 1 and 1/2 stone award!!! :vibes:


likes to eat!
Thursday 29th July - Red Day

WI this evening - lost 3 and 1/2 pounds!!! :D:D:D:D

B/fast: Fibre plus bar - 6 syns

Morning snack: apple

lunch: tuna mayo sandwich, 1/2 syn for mayo, 2 slices of nimble (HEB)

Mid-afternoon snack: shape zero yoghurt

Tea: in late from class so spag bol, mince, onions, garlic tinned toms, plus HEB of wholemeal pasta.

HEBs: Nimble bread and Wholemeal pasta
HEA: small amount of milk

Syns: 6 for fibre plus bar, and also had a bar after WI in class, orange Hi-Fi bar, small glass of celebration wine!! : 6.5 eek.
total: 19.

Emma xxx


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S: 11st11.5lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.93%)
Emma well done that is brilliant, you must feel great xx


likes to eat!
(thanks everybody! ;))

Friday 29th July Red Day

B/fast orange Hi-Fi bar (HEB)

mid-morning snack: Apple and 2 satsumas

Lunch: ham salad, lettuce, beetroot, boiled egg and a big slice of lean ham.

Aft snack: mullerlight and ryvita minis

Tea: DH sat and ate a pizza from takeout shop, I had king prawn stir fry and was so proud of myself!

HEB: hi-fi bar and ryvita minis
HEA: 250 ml milk, need to add to these, can only manage one.

Syns: Wine, wine, wine!!! too many syns but will deduct them from the weeks total! Could have been worse, could have had takeout and wine!!!

Saturday 30th July - Red Day

B/fast orange hi-bar

morning snack: was at work so nothing

lunch: left-over prawn stir-fry from last night

aft snack: velvet crunch crisp after shopping, they are delish! 6 syns? not sure.

Tea will be: chicken kiev stuffed with garlic and quark (from SW website), with roast new potatoes (HEB) and asparagus.

HEB: hi-fi bar and potatoes
HEA: 250ml ss milk.

Syns: Velvet crunch 6 (?) and a large glass of wine (10);););)


likes to eat!
yey, thanks Knitter!


likes to eat!
Sunday 1st August - RED

B/fast egg and bacon sandwich, yummy!! bread HEB ( 2 slices of nimble)

Dinner: bagged lettuce leaves, with a tin of mackrel in spicy tom sauce, and a shape zero yoghurt. Chunk of low-fat cheese (HEA)

Aft snack: banana

Tea: steak, potatoes (HEB), mixed cabbage and leek, tinned toms.

HEB: nimble and new potatoes
HEA: cheese and 250ml semi-skimmed milk

Syns: Velvet crunch 4 syns :D, fab lolly 4 syns = 8.

Good day, waled for ages delivering Avon orders and am planning to do my flexi-bar workout tonight, determined to get into the 9 stones bracket on Thursday, *just* need to loose 2lbs this week!!


likes to eat!
Monday 2nd August - Red Day

B/fast: orange hi-fi bar (HEB)

Morning snack: cuppa and a banana

Dinner: mixed salad leaves, beetroot and tesco chicken tikka chunks, 1 tbsp of lighter than light mayo 1/2 syn.

Afternoon: strawberries and pack of velvet crunch 4 syns.

Tea: slowed cooked beef curry and wholmeal pasta (HEB, 30g dried weight) 1/2 WW wholemeal pitta 3 syns.

HEB: Hi-fi bar and wholemeal pasta
HEA: 250mls milk, cheese
Syns: mayo 1/2, velvet crunch: 4, pitta bread 3
Total 8 1/2

Emma xxx


likes to eat!
Tuesday 3rd August - Red Day

B/fast: one poached egg on two slices of nimble (HEB)

Morning snack: strawberries and shape zero

Dinner: last nights left over beef curry, with a bit of salad.

Aft snack: banana

Tea salmon and salad, am feeling poop today, don't fancy much.

HEB:2 slices of nimble
HEA: cheese and 250ml milk
Syns: None so far, don't feel like anything :(


likes to eat!
Wednesday 4th August - Red Day

B/fast: one poached egg on two slices of nimble (HEB)

morning snack: rasberries and apple

dinner: tuna salad with mayo 1/2 syn, shape zero yoghurt.

Aft snack: Hi-Fi bar (HEB)

Tea: king prawn stir-fry.

Syns: Wine and mayo!! 15 :D


likes to eat!
Thursday 5th August, WI night, lost 1/2 pound....gutted to say the least... RED day

B/fast: Hi-fi Bar (HEB)

Snack: banana and a satsuma

Dinner: leftover king prawn stirfry, shape zero yoghurt.

Aft snack: apple

WI: Hi-Fi bar, 6 syns.

Tea: Spag bol, with HEB of wholemeal pasta.

Dissapointed with WI tonight, I know it is still a loss, but compared to last week..
Gonna treat myself to some nice wine tonight and get totally back on track tomorrow :D


likes to eat!
Friday 6th August - Red Day

B/fast: orange hi-fi bar (6syns)

morning snack: strawberries, banana and satsuma

Dinner: Tuna mayo sandwich (bread HEB; mayo 1/2 syn)

Aft snack: shape zero yoghurt

Tea: chicken curry and wholmeal pasta (HEB)

HEB: 2 slices of nimble bread and 30g dry weight of wholemeal pasta.
Syns: 6 for hi-fi bar


likes to eat!
Saturday 8th August BAD day

Went out for an Indian meal last night, which in the end was quite dissapointing but going to write everything down here, so when WI comes on Thursday and I don't do well I can look back at this!!! :mad:

B/fast: orange hi-fi (HEB)

Dinner: salad bar from Morrisons, got lettuce, radishes, grated carrot, and a tablespoon of coleslaw.

Aft snack: strawberries.

Tea: poppadom with mixed pickles (Only had a bit of these) followed by mixed tikka starter which included chicken/lamb tikka and a sheek kebab, with salad. Main was lamb roghan josh and chicken wurri with boiled rice, we did not eat a great deal of the main, we ordered the food at 8pm, our mains did not come out til 10pm! So wasn't really in the mood for eating it, brought most of it home.
A bottle and half of wine.

Gonna say 100 syns and have a flexi syn day :eek:

Plenty of working out for me this week, hope I haven't ruined everything!!!

Emma xxx


likes to eat!
Monday 9th August - Red Day

B/fast: one poached egg on 2 slices of nimble (HEB)

Morning snack: banana

Dinner: half a bag of mixed leaves, beetroot and a tin of sardines in spicy tom sauce.

Aft snack: shape zero

Tea: slow cooked beef curry with 30g dry weight of wholemeal pasta (HEB)

HEB: 2 slices of nimble and wholmeal pasta
HEA: 250ml s/s milk added to tea and the rest before bed.
Syns: glass of wine - 8

Good day...:D
Tuesday 10th August - Red Day

B/fast: one poached egg on two slices of nimble (HEB), spread with one LC light triangle (part or HEA)

Morning snack: banana

Dinner: mixed salad leaves, sainsbury's chicken tikka chunks, with tbsp of e.l mayo (1/2 syn), shape zero for pudding.

Afternoon snack: strawberries and pickled beetroot, managed to munch through most the the jar, trying to feed my sugar craving!

Tea: 2 small salmon fillets, with stir-fry veg, beansprouts and soy sauce/worchesterhsire sauce.

HEB: Nimble bread (two slices)
HEB: Hurrah, just realised I still have one to have, may have a hi-fi for supper later :D
HEA: 250ml s/s milk and LC cheese traingles.
Syns: mayo 1/2, stubbie beer: 6 = 6.5

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