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Emma's Diary to Loose 2 Stone for Christmas


Going for Goal!
Just been looking on the Calendar and realised it's 8 weeks until Christmas :eek:

So I really need a diary to keep me going so I can be looking chic for Christmas! :26:

For me, Christmas is all about my Husband and family, and I want to spend it with them, rather than the usual avoiding camera's and feeling fat! :jelous:

So today is my Day 1 journey to 2 stone off before Christmas. I am back at work next week, so I will be able to get back into my 'CD routine'. But until then, I'm at home and will be getting back into ketosis. Meaning, I should be on top form by Monday once the ketosis fairy works her magic!

Going to be making my first shake of the day in about half an hour. And glugging away at water while lounging on the sofa watching a Disney film (yes, yes I am a child at heart! :eek:) Then I'll be back to post again, before embarking on wii fitness coach this afternoon :gen147:

:cross: Here's hoping I can see this through to the end.

However, setting this aside I had 1 slight problem...My HB Birthday meal. It's currently being arranging by MI for beginning Dec. Luckily for me, we are having a posh "lunch" rather than the usual very fattening fine dining! So I'm opting to skip dessert and have a chicken ceasar salad (which I have seen they serve on the menu) For starters, it's between soup of the day (skip bread roll that comes with it) or smoked salmon (best looking 'healthy' options) :confused: Not sure at the moment what to do. What would be best? :rolleyes:

Hugs x x x
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Hi Emma,
Can I just say how well you've done. I re-started yesterday to try and shift some weight for Christmas.
With regard to the meal I'm not sure which one would be better. Probably Salmon or like you say if you skip the bread roll the soup may be ok.


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya Emma

Welcome back to CD and to the forums again. We are in it to win it this time, so there will be no more slacking... will there ... from either of us ???

I would go with the Smoked Salmon - it's protein.. good for the old Ketosis fairy but then again the normal policy is to stay on the White & Green diet - ie white flesh and green vegs

Do you have to have a starter ?

I've just arranged my works do for 18th December and it's to a Curry House !!! WTF - how do I get out of that one then ??

Hope you are having a good day and enjoy your film mate



Shut up Ethel
Hi Emma
I'm on a re-start too - trying to get another stone off by the start of December! so, am back on the boards myself today.

Best of luck - you sound really positive.

Re the meal - chicken caesar salad is ok but ask them to leave out the croutons and serve the dressing on the side so you can just have a little of it. (You never need all the dressing they often pile on!) And I'd definitely have salmon to start, much 'purer' protein, you dont' know whats in the soup but likely to be high fat (butter, cream) and also often thickened with potato or flour.


Gold Member
Hiya Emma
Good goal... i need to shift a stone before Christmas - quite do-able if i stop messing about.

I often have a chicken ceasar salad when i'm out... depends on what soup is being served on the day - could be cream of something of other which is not good. Salmon is a lovely choice. (And think of it as a treat - enjoy - then move on! lol.)

I am so looking forward to Christmas!! Bring it on!! lol



Mad as a Hatter
Just worked out that there are 59 - yes gulp 59 - days to Christmas Day...

therefore working on the fact that the average person loses 1/2lb per day whilst on SS, this means I could be nearly 30lbs lighter come the festive season...:eek::eek:

Can I do it ???

Damn right I can !!



Going for Goal!
Good day yesterday.

By the evening, my stomach was churning (not CD - Binge to blame) Was up in the night being :jelous:

Feel a little drained this morning, so leaving my shakes until later today when my tummy feels well! :eek:

Got a few jobs to do around the house today, so I will tackle those head on. Also, expecting Mr Postman to deliver some Christmas presents that I have ordered, so I'll be wrapping those later on.

Day 2 begins! :D:D:D


Mad as a Hatter
Oh mate - sorry that you are not feeling very well - be careful there is that sickness bug going round... hope that you don't get it...

I'm taking 1/2 day from work and going home to blitz my house... I normally have a cleaner, but since getting the puppy, I have asked her not to come... so you can imagine how bad it's got ! gonna take a whole afternoon to bottom it all...

Try and have your shakes mate - you may feel a bit better later but you need to make sure that you have them for the goodness etc..

Hope you are feeling better soon




Full Member
Good luck :D you can do it!

My husband has been calculating my weight around christmas as well lol, so i am very curious how much you will be able to shift :)


Going for Goal!
Hey hun,
Yep i'll be having my shakes. Just right now my stomach feels a little delicate. So I'm sipping water while watching tv, then I shall be making my first shake at around midday (or beforehand if feeling better!) :)


Going for Goal!
1 vanilla shake down, plus 1 litre water and 30 minute workout! Feel shattered now, but energised. Now on to the housework!!! :)
Good luck :D you have already come so far! you should be albe to get there :D


Going for Goal!
Thanks Jim! I'm certainly going to give it my all!
How are you doing these days? I know you moved up the plans recently due to your op. Hope you are finding it ok and feeling well in yourself :)

xx xx
good luck emma! cant believe its 59 days till christmas and well done you for starting your christmas shopping! just think how gorgeous we will all be by crimbo! am going to take lots of photos and have lots taken of me THIS year!! and be proud! we all will!
Good to see you are keeping a diary emmapetty, I will 'check -in' with your progress daily.
I might need to do a diary if my willpower dips, I am getting tempted by silly things, like sitting with 3 colleagues today that were eating baked potatoes. Yet before I started CD, baking potatoes could sit in my kitchen for ages till I felt in the mood to use them up. Infact they were way too healthy, chips were preferable, lol!


Going for Goal!
lol @ Blingbabe - I was the same hun!

I've had my 3 shakes today & water, with no blips! My WI day is Saturday morning (11am) this week, so I hope to drop a few pounds before then and be in ketosis :cross:
Well done on the no blibs :D you're going well :D would be weird if you didnt drop a few pounds wouldnt it?? I'll cross my fingers for yoU!

GOod luck today!


Going for Goal!
Day 3 begins :D

Day 3 is usually my most challenging day - getting back in to ketosis and fighting away the hunger pangs. :sigh:

I feel quite 'awake' this morning, considering it's 7.50am and half term!! I enjoy the quiet morning though (once hb has finished banging around getting ready for work! lol :D)

Well, this morning I plan on trying out my routine, but at home, to try and get back into the swing of things.

I will have my 1st shake at 9.00am, along with a litre bottle of water and mug of hot coffee. This morning I have some ironing to keep me occupied and the tv!

I also plan on doing a 30 minute workout on the wii fitness coach before my lunch time shake (usually helps to glug away at the water too!)

Keeping to my routine, I will have my 2nd shake at 2.30pm and will refill my water bottle. I'll be loading, unloading and re-loading the washing machine this afternoon and doing a general tidy round. Some of my family are on holiday in Plymouth and go home on Saturday, we have arranged to 'meet up' (as they pass through where I live) But as the weather is looking grim here on Sat, it'll probably end up that they will gather at my home. So it has to be spotless, or else my Mother will be on the warpath with my hoover and duster!!! lol

The 3rd shake I will have at around 6.30, while hb is eating his dinner, i'll pop into our bedroom to avoid the smells and sip my shake!

What a plan! :D:D:D

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