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Emma's dukan diary


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Hello, well I've been on the dukan diet for five weeks now and have been weighing myself every two weeks. So far I have lost 15bs (as of four weeks) and will weigh myself next weekend.

For breakfast I made myself scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and only just felt hungry within the last hour.

I'm on a PV today so ventured to morrisons last night and invested in a swede and butternut squash. I hve never made soup before so decided to make a soup today out of the squash and swede. It was actually rather yummy and had it for lunch. Gonna keep the rest of the soup until monday (in theory).

Feeling so bloated this week as it's that time of the month! Can't wait til it's over sometimes I hate being a woman.

So, for tea I'm debating on whether to make fishcakes or chicken... Either way I need to clean my kitchen as it is covered in peelings!
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Well done, Emms.

Just wanted to check that you ate some protein with your delicious-sounding swede and squash soup, though? You need to try and keep up the protein with every meal - I think it's something like 2/3 protein and 1/3 veg, but someone else will be able to verify that, hopefully.

I was bloated last night, too - also TOTM. Not fun, is it!


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Hi, thanks for your comment.

Yeah I had some prawns mixed with natural yog and chilli. (like a mini prawn cocktail - sort of) They didn't really go with the soup but was the only thing I fancied lol. And I knew I had to have some protein so just went with the prawns. I'll probably not have any veg with tea tonight maybe just a few onions in my fishcakes x


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Ps. Would it not be ok to have veg by itself as long as overall your protein fr that day is more than the veg... If that makes sense? Or do u literally have to eat it with every meal/snack? I tend to do that anyway but just incase... X
Well done on the 15lbs weight loss you must feel great! A real motivation to keep going. I'm on day 3 of cruise phase and also on PV day- I've had asparagus and mushrooms with eggs for breakfast and tuna and cottage cheese for lunch and snacked on a vanilla yoghurt. Fish cakes sounds like a lovely meal - that's something I haven't made yet so I may well have that tomorrow for lunch!!! Thanks for the idea!
I've seen on the dukan site that you should try and eat the proteins first and then the veg after or at least together but never veg alone... hope that helps.


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Hello! Thank you everyone it going well.

Missed a night out last night for a colleagues birthday as I didn't wanna drink. So pleased I didn't go out and it was so nice having my other colleagues texting saying how hungover they were. Oh how I don't miss that feeling!

So anyways today I have had:

Fr breakfast - Dukan pancake with cinamon and splenda. Also wacked on a bit of sweetened quark.

For lunch Ive had Cajun chicken and prawns with a garlic yoghurt dip. Yummy!

Trying to decide what to do for tea, I'm thinking a tuna and chilli omelete.

For snacks later Ill have a yoghurt or a tin of sardines or tuna (in water not oil)

Also cooked up some chicken for lunch tomorrow at work. Gonna take my left over soup too as I have zumba straight after so won't get back til late. Need something to keep me going. Maybe the rest of my prawns!
Your meal plan for today sounds great - im out of protein - going to do those fish cakes for dinner so better get some fish and some chicken!! Don't want to get stuck for meals so heading out now. Yesterday was my PV day and I felt like I ate so much yesterday but all of it was proteing and about 300g of fat free dairy products.... When I added up the calories it was only 1400kcals so I don't think that's too bad for an 'eat alot' day.... do you? I'm going to try and keep it light on the food side today - not so much snacking as I still feel I need to recompensate a little for yesterday - sometimes it's hard trying to shift the whole 'eat less lose weight' mentality.

I just wanted to check another thing just to clarify... there is actually no limit to the amount of lean protein you can eat is there?? Obviously you dont have to go over board each day but you also don't have to worry about the calorie intake overall on the dukan do you?


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I just typed a nice long reply there and my iPhone decided to crash damn it!

Anyways, as far as I am aware there is no limit to protein and the more we eat the better!

I hte TOTM though I recently found out that during it ur body needs an extra 15% calories which I figure is why I crave choc and have more of an apetite and feel exhausted the week before. Anyways so if we don't give it the extra cals it has to turn to what is there so apparently you can lose more after ur period. I'm therefor hopin that when I way myself next week I'll see a big drop on scales. *fingers crossed*

Let me know how your fishcakes turn out. I mixed ingrediants in blender last night and worked better coated in oatbran :) xx
Yeah, you will put on weight during your period, but you are right, your body needs extra calories - hence the weird cravings so if you stick through the hard 5 or so days, you should be laughing at the end of it!


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So I'm having a PV day today but so far have not had any Vs! Don't really fancy it! How strange.

Anyways so I have had:

A mini oatbran cake and yoghurt with 1tbsp oatbran in for breakfast
Tin of tuna for a snack (in brine)
Cajun chicken (home made) for lunch

And for the rest of the day I have planned:

Small prawn salad - to have before zumba tonight - starts at 7pm so need to have it before leaving work at half 6
Soup when I get in from zumba with probably some more chicken to keep protein up

I was gonna have my prawn salad for lunch and chicken for a snack but fancied my chicken instead at lunch time. Really filled me up actually.

I was very naughty today as I got the bus to work instead of walking, it's mainly because I had my bag, zumba kit and cool bag. Didn't fancy doing a thirty min walk carrying all that however, I am making up for my lack of early morning walking by zumbaring for an hour and then walking home afterwards.

Oh and I might need some help I have a date on saturday and don't wanna look a total fool trying to explain why I am ordering plain food with no potatoes or chips! Dont wanna scare him off! Any suggestions welcome!!!

Date?? Oooh nice!! Bets of luck... teh dukan is easy peasy if you are on cruise... make it a PV day by making the 2 days after a PP day then you can have steak and salad or roasted veg. Or fish and salad or roasted veg... Or a tuna nicoise salad - not too difficult. And he'll never know you're on a diet!! Alchohol excuse - hmmm tell him you're on antibiotics! That should do the trick! ;-)


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Aw thank you :) Don't want him to think I'm a pig by ordering a steak tho! Lol. Ah well. Apparently we are going to a country pub so I'm sure they will have meat or fish of some sort I can eat. I wish mussells were in season I love getting them wen I'm out! Thank you both!

Oh and I like the idea about the reason fr not drinking! X


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Thank you :)

Well I had an exciting night after work. I decided not to slog my guts til half 6 and decided to leave at half 5 instead. So I ventured into the shops to see if there was anything nice I could buy for my date... I saw a really nice dress so tried it on size 18... I'm normally a 20 in dresses but thought I'd give an 18 a go, just to see!! However it was a bit big so I thought I'd give a size 16 a go... And it fit!!!!! Yay!!!

The dress wasn't a zippy dress and I know that a zip would be a size bigger anyway but even so I am thrilled. I haven't been a size 16 in a dress for years!!! So I bought myself two in different patterns. Now I just need to decide which one to wear on my date :) eeeek!!!! X

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