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Episode IX - A New Week Begins!

Morning Sarah, morning all episode IX-ers!

Good luck to everyone for a successful CD week (or any other diet too!) I hope everyone has a great week :)



Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Hiya Girls,

I am here in pain (still my foot/toe - George stamped on it yesterday!) and Car trouble (still not fixed, garage going to give up!)... but I am ready for the next challenge!

Awww...poor you Nikki, I hope it gets better soon.

Right, my pledge is to actually get through 7 days on this plan!!!

I have been messing around for far too long....during the week I am fine, but come the weekend and forget it!
So....here I am pledging to do at least 7 days!
haha damn nhs .... i hate them but they are paying my wages .... except we are still witing for our pay rise from april.... so you can imagine , a bandage and analgesia is far too expensive to hand out .... plus they would still make you pay for them unless you were an inpatient . cheap and cheerful ibuprofen is exactly the same as the nurofens but you can buy the cheaper makes for 40 p. the chemists also do some good supports for limbs and joints that offer more support than tubigrip. hope it gets better soon


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Thanks Mommysue... I went to the chemist and bought the strongest ibuprofen they had... took one and it has taken the edge off, only downside is you can only take 3 a day!!!

How is everyone doing...? I have had 2 bars (oops) and half a tetra... and some chicken... and about 2.5litres of water so far, but want to drink more before I go to bed... (could just crawl in there now!)...

Hiya hunny and good luck for the week you know you can do it!!!!!
keep it up hun you're doing great i'm on 2.5l too aiming for 4 before bed
Sorry about your toe Nikki - sounds really sore and annoying that nothing can be done!

I am not having a good day SSing. In fact, unless I popped out for a fish supper and called in at the indian and chinese takeaways on the way back home, it couldn't get much worse!

My period is due and I am craving like mad - and giving in to it too! I've had: huge pack of smoked trout (eaten in the car whilst sitting in 2 hour traffic jam) a packet of mini Pringles (sour cream and chives) and not one but two Rocky bars - the caramel sort, plus a couple of lumps of cheese.:break_diet:

And this is after receiving some lovely compliments today and over the weekend too. I'm seriously wondering if there is something wrong in my head! Why would I want to sabotage all that?

I feel like going on a massive binge now - I'll try to resist though.
Hi Amber

Today is a new day, so put yesterday behind you. I can totally relate to where you are coming from because I have done the same. Only last week I was craving all kinds of rubbish. Trout isn't actually that bad a choice lol!! I went a bit carb mad and it all became clear when TOTM started on Thursday evening. Yesterday was my first day back.

When I first got to goal I did the exact same thing and was eating at sorts of sh!t. Chocolate, bread, biscuits - all in secret. I was 10 stone 4 then and I just couldn't work out why I was sabotaging my hard work. I'm sorry to say that I still haven't worked it out, but the effect over the course of a year was 3 stone back on. Half of that has gone now but it worries me greatly that I'll do exactly the same again! Sorry this is not very helpful but I just wanted to say I know what you're feeling and send you :hug99:
Well day 2 for me and I'm doing ok. The first hunger I felt was in bed last night just before I fell asleep and I was actually enjoying it. Is that mad????

Off to work soon for me - I have an early telephone meeting which I still have to prepare for.

I'll try and catch up at lunchtime, but everyone have a good day xxx


Silver Member
*crawls back in with tail between her legs*

How is everyone, Nikki love, hope your toe is better?

I gave myself Sat night off for drinks with new fella but unfortuantly it turned into a couple of days off so I'm starting again today. Again! Hope you all have a great day :)
Morning all

As of this morning I've lost 3 stones :party0011::party0011:

I'm now 11st 7lbs and one stone from goal (although I might move the goal when I get there, not sure yet) so today I am very smiley :D

Good luck Sarah for day 2. I know that thing about actually enjoying the hunger feeling, I felt exactly the same one day and it really made me laugh to myself, me enjoy hunger? I couldn't belieeeeeeeeeeeve it (said in best victor voice)

Chika, good to see you. It sounds like you've had a nice couple of days :) Good luck for today!

nikki, how is your toe today? I hope it hasn't stopped you having a good night's sleep. I say YES to buying the dress you saw, it's great motivation!

Amber, you've done so well so far, I hope you manage to resist the binge. TOTM is such a pig for making us feel like that :( Here's a big :hug99:for you.

Good luck Mrs V for day 2 of your pledge. I'm with you on the pledge!

Ninababes, how are you? Did you manage your 4L before bed? I'm having to really try hard to drink lots in the mornings, I don't struggle at all with water in the afternoon and evening but often I only have 1 litre all morning, so I'm making a real effort to improve on that.

Sue, how are you getting on this week? I hope it's going well :)

Good luck everyone for a successful CD/WM day!

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