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Episode VIII - We Can Do This!!!!

Morning everyone.

Right then, who's in for Episode VIII????

I know I am. Last week was a bad week for me because I felt so ill. I still feel a bit rough but I can't be making excuses for another week.

This morning I am very disappointed with my weigh in 13.3, which means I put everything that I lost back on over the last couple of weeks. But I really wasn't in a position to SS over the weekend, but here we go again.

I doubt I'll make my 12 stone goal for the Service Meeting on 5th December - I thought I had longer but it's only 2 1/2 weeks. But I'm gonna give it my best shot!

OK guys, let's get this show on the road......
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Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Well I am definately with you Sarah I weighed in this morning at 14.4 which means I have put on 6lbs!! don't know whether to alter my ticker!! So here goes.... I am just about to start on my water...Love


Finally...Life begins
I am in! My weigh in is tomorrow but looking bleak, hopefully ketosis fairies will be with me by the end of the day and a nice long walkies with my dog later may help, but feeling postive, and good for the following week if that helps!! Angela xxx


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Welcome Angela, we can do this together...I have now updated my ticker, so it is a little depressing, but it will go in the right direction again this week I hope, even though a short weigh in...Love

Well, after last nights little 'set to' I ended up drinking far too much wine and then I know I ate, because the remnants are spread around!

Got on the scles this morning and it looks like I have done some damage so I really need to get stuck in to this today and try to undo some of the harm I have done.

Good luck Nikki, Sarah and Angela with your restarts - hopefully you should have a good loss this week.

Just finished my first litre of water and am thinking positive thoughts!
hi my weigh in is tonight but a sneaky peak this morning tells me i'll be lucky if ive lost two pounds. i know my little voddy binge didnt help!! Im starting add a meal tomorrow, but am veggie what are my choices 40g cottage cheese and lettuce / 40g plain quorn/tofu and leafy greens? am i on the right track cos I haven't got a food list i'm going on memory. How much veg can I have 2 tablespoons?


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
a) 50g/2oz chicken or turkey breast without skinb) 80g/3oz cod, haddock or other white fishc) 80g/3oz quornd) 60g/2½oz soft tofu or 12 0g (5oz) firm tofue) 100g/4oz cottage cheese (reduced fat)For choices a – d, try steaming, baking,micro-waving or poaching in a little lightly seasonedwater.2 tablespoons of any vegetables (cooked orraw) from the following list:spring greens savoy cabbagecauliflower broccolicelery lettuce (all kinds)mushrooms cress (all kinds)courgettes pickled red cabbagecucumber marrowany other green leafy vegetableNotes:1 No added salt should be used but flavours can be increasedand enhanced by the use of calorie free dressingsand seasonings. Avoid oil based salad dressings and thosecontaining fat.2 Drink at least 2¼ litres (4 pints) water per day and asmuch unsweetened black tea or black coffee as you wish.3 If you choose a Cambridge bar or Tetra Brik rather thana drink or soup, remember to drink an extra ¼ litre of waterwith it.
Morning all! I'm definitely in.

Good luck Nikki & Sarah with restart. You can do it! Some of those pounds gained will disappear very quickly won't they, then you'll be on a roll :D

Welcome to the episode threads Angela :)

Amber :whoopass: or :hug99: - pick which one works best for you ;) I hope you feel better after last nights happenings. Good luck for today :)

Debbie - there's a thread at the top in the stickies which has the list of allowed foods for AAM in it. I think it might be somewhere in the 790 thread up there. Lets us know if you can't find it though as I'm sure one of us can post a list from the book for you if you don't have a copy.

Good luck everyone!

Mocha xx
Hi everyone!

Count me in to please!!!

I always waiver at the weekends....need to get my motivation back!! Thankfully my weigh in is Thursday this week, so I will stick to SS'ing and hopefully repair some of the damage that I have caused!
Good luck with all the restarts...we CAN do this!!!


Glamorous Gran
I'm in, not been good over the weekend :break_diet:but woke up in a positive mood,:) finally listened to my weightloss hypnosis cd i bought so here's to a successful week to us all. xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Can I join you too please.....I fell of the wagon big time on Saturday and after only losing 1/2lb last week I really need to kick butt and get this last stone off by Christmas..
I am SSing this week and will hopefully get more water down my neck too....had 2 green teas and 1 litre water so far...
Thanks Mochaj.

I know that I will probably gain, but I can live in hope.....if I gain...I gain!
Must try harder at these weekends though!

Hubby is just as useless and as soon as one of us caves in then that's it!


Silver Member
Afternoon. Glad to see a new episode, for me, new episode = new start!

Last week I wasn't very well so had to eat cos the doctor said so but this week im back in 100% health and I vow not to eat a thing. I had to cancel my cdc appointemtnt today cos of Uni but will hopefully be able to have one later in the week. I'm not going to get on the scales till then though cos I don't want to see the damage that I have done buy eating for almost a week.

Good luck to everyone this week


Hi everyone - can I join you even though I'm doing SW now? Couldn't face anymore CD so have put it on hold until the new year. Been trying to get into SW but have not had the motivation until now. I got Hubbie on board yesterday so fingers crossed that will help. I have really missed you guys, so can I join you in the posts, pretty please?? Vx


Silver Member
Actually just stepped on the scales and thankfully only a couple of lbs up :)


Silver Member
Hiya Vickey

Yes of course you can. i think this is a motivation to stick to anything thread. I hear you about not facing SS anymore. Its doing my head in too but I'm only sticking with it because of the speed that you loose.

Let us know how you get on on SW


Finally...Life begins
Yey, got past the morning, thats always a bonus for me! I Don't work mondays and find them a day of .. hmmm what shall i or can i eat! On my 2nd litre of water and just about to take a walk to buy more hay for my guinea pigs! (well my daughters GPs but who looks after them?! lol)

Good luck everyone today!! (HUGS all round)

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