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esource gave me different points allowance to meeting?


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can i rack your brains people?

i signed up for monthlies and it worked out my points as 43 as i am a breastfeeding mum? I did put that i am still breastfeeding on my sign up form and she gave me 36!

If i go up will i not loose as fast? I only feed him twice maybe 4 times a day?

Do you think i should text her? As i am really confused as to what to follow?

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Did it ask the age of the baby at esource? Extra calorie intake needed drops as they get older and start eating more food. I feed my smallest (2yrs) similar amounts of time, perhaps more overnight and haven't added extra points as really, I know I'm not relying on those extra cals like I did in babyhood. I'd stick with the 36.
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Well that's not particularly helpful of her!
I think if it was me, I'd go for about 39/40, and see what my losses were like, then adjust if necessary. You don't want to overeat, but you don't want to undereat either! And those points will drop quickly enough, so if you can lose while having more, that's good!!


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S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
When exclusive breastfeeding (so baby is having nothing other than breastmilk, no formula, no food) the body roughly needs between about 300-500kcal extra a day, when food is added that drops.

How much food roughly does your nursing toddler eat, as some eat relatively little still, whereas some eat lots? Are the 2-4 feeds substantial or a quick on and off? Perhaps you could adjust for any growth spurts, sometimes at this age they start feeding like newborns again for a while. Teething, illness, development & growth spurts all normal for the age, so if your little one was going through one of those stages it would make sense to add in the extra. If he was having 2 feeds in 24hrs then would you really need 7pts extra? Their rate of growth slows down at this age, whereas when little you're meeting 100% of their nutritional needs at a huge rate of growth.

Although it's not a definitive answer, what your leader says it's probably accurate for the stage you're at in your breastfeeding relationship, add them if you need them.


Slimming for my children
Yea what I thought he has about 40 mins morning and 40 mins evening.
He had a growth spurt a few months back but not at the mo. So think I will stick with 36 and then if I need them the extras are there. X

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