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Eugh!! Fromage frais

What about quark? I've noticed a new one being stocked in my local mirroring £1 for 500g natural quark with a dark green background. Normal morrisons one is 76p for 227g
Personally creme Fraiche and fromage frais taste the same to me like cottage cheese without the lumps!! Lol
I have some quark at home For another recipe ok give that a go first as it's syn free but if I don't like that il give the creme fraiche a go and just account for the syns thankyou my lovelys :) xxx


Really likes to cook
I am like you, I can't stand any of these items, quarn, creme fraiche, greek yoghurt & o% yoghurt. In fact I have to look for recipes that don't use any of these, The short shelf life of some of these products are also a problem, I usually had to throw over 50% in the bin as they reached their "use by date" before another recipe was tried.
I find it is worth the syns for the 2% Total, much nicer. I forget if it is 0.5 syns for 150g, either way it is very low in syns and much creamier. I can only find it at Waitrose however.

I don't even try fromage frais anymore as I ruined many a dish in the early days. I can't bear it and no matter if the recipe says "creamy" pasta or curry, if the ingredient is FF I wont use it!

I don't mind quark however as I find that fairly bland. It is lovely mixed with a white Options, a tip I found on this site.

If I make a curry or something that tastes nice creamy (eg soup) I will add 1T Elmlea cream at the end to my portion = 1 syn and so worth it in my opinion.
Total 2% is the answer to everything! It's only 1.5 syns for the whole 500g box so negligible once youve used only a bit for a recipe and divided it up between servings. It tastes SOOOOOO much better!

I guess so, I dont make that many fromage frais/yogurt/Quark recipes but when I do I use this now, not had a problem so far. Im currently eating a Total with strawberry om nom :)
Excellent thanks il give it a go I make alot of puddings so that's why I use alot of stuff like that x
Made celeriac mash with it last night - awesome! :drool:
I've only ever tried Total 0% which I thought was kinda OK til I tried the 2% but not something Id eat on its own.

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