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Ex Alli now Atkins.

Hi and welcome, have you read the stickies at the top of this forum?
Hey Gt welcome to the forum. I have a question to ask you about Alli. A friend of mines was doing that and she had to stop because she couldnt control her bladder and sorry for TMI and she said even if you ate a little nibble of something with fat you can forget.

How was your experience? Everyone is different, she just had a horrible time on it :)
I didn't have any real side effects except for being rather loose but I both lost and gained weight. I was told to eat about 15gms fat per meal and 1400 calories a day. I was silly for starting Alli because I was sick of low fat diets. It was an expensive experiment. A friend is taking Alli and trying to follow the Hay diet but only takes them if he has to eat out and can't plan his meal in advance. Alli is also getting a bad press just now.

Thank you for the welcome Morenachica, congratulations on your weight loss, you are a good advert for Atkins.
Hi GT, I know alli is getting bad press but so is Atkins love, funny isn't it, I tell people I'm doing low carb or the GI diet and that's fine, if I said Atkins everyone would be saying how terrible that is.
I told no one I was taking Alli except on the Alli forum here. I am keeping quiet about Atkins just now, I am sure I'd get plenty of "advice" if and when I do. Do I really just need to count carbs and nothing else?
Pretty much love yes. You should be aiming to get the majority of your carbs from green leafy salad veggies.
Jim, I see you lost almost half your body weight, how long did it take you and did you ever stumble on the way?
I have had about 16grms carbs I think so far today, which seems a lot over just two meals. The book I'm reading says 20 per day. I seem to have had an awful lot of salad veg. I have ordered some ketostix from Amazon, I hope they arrive soon.
Everybody stumbles along the way, I had my binges, but just got my head back in shape. It took 4 - 5 years in induction, OWL and pre maint for me love.
Thanks Gtn for the compliment. Just as Jim said I dont say I'm on atkins. The last time I did that you would of thought I was taking drugs or something LOL so I just say I'm watching my carbs...

I'm going into maintence and learning as I go. Just like Jim said you have your moments of weakness, we are only human but you just have to get right back on it and keep on going. I'm more determined to kept the weight off because before I wasn't thinking about after the weight loss. This time I went in thinking about after the loss.

Good luck and you will loss weight, just be positive and know that you will and dont get frustrated if you stall it happens to us all
How many carbs a day are you on now morenachica? are you worried about going in to maint, I was at the time. I still slip into induction level eating sometimes. :)
You know jim that's my problem. I'm so used to eating under 20 carbs and eventhough I give myself 40 carbs a day, I find myself staying in the 20-25 range, I never eat 40. I'm used ot eating meats and salads that some days I do even get to 15 carbs. It's a comfort zone for me and I'm trying to break it because I need to get to that 40 carbs a day. I guess I'm afraid I will gain weight back and dont want to go through the mistakes that I've made before. Now on the positive side when I had a carb binge after being sick I ate french fries and a burger with all the trimmings last week, I didnt gain a pound. So know I can have a binge of course not everyday or every week but its good to know that if I have a carb bing I'm not going ot gain 5 pounds immediately. I'm happy at 130 and feel good but it's a mental thing for sure. I dont want to go below 128 that would be too low for me..
I'm exactly the same love, sometimes I get told off by Colleen and I'll go and weigh myself and find I've slipped a few pounds down and have to go and have a few carby days. If I get down to 180 or below she thinks I look scrawny and she isn't happy. Still there are some on this board who would gladly kill to be in the same position so we should be happy really.
Hi both, I know one person who would just love to have your "problem"!
Morenachica, have you lost 40 since June?? And in Italy, land of pasta!! I am off now to buy more salad.

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