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Exante - kick up the bum


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Right well I've decided to start a new diary entry as I was super rubbish with the old one and want to start fresh.

Mini targets:
1) Update on this more often
2) Do my 20 mins of exercise everyday!
3) Hide scales and stop obsessive weighing :eek:
May: Lose 18lbs
June: Lose 15lbs
July: Lose 10lbs

So that's a loss of 43lbs for the next 12 weeks...anymore than that is a bonus...my overall target is to lose 45lbs before mid august and then I'll see if I want to do another cycle after that.

Also helps that I have two weddings coming up (one at the end of this month and one at the end of June) and I'm determined not to be the one that glaringly stands out in the photos again. :dooney:
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Ok so after a particularly rubbish start to the week (work is actually trying to kill me with stress) I had a sneak peak on the scales...looks like a 3lb loss midweek :)
Well done on your losses so far haha! Yeah I found myself weighing in everyday on my first week! Stay strong, you can do this! xxx


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Thanks :)...I think I'm a bit of an obsessive compulsive scale watcher when I'm on a diet, hence why they have to get locked up!
Hi and welcome! I'm an obssessive weigher too :sigh: I haven't found it to be much of a problem though, I think you've got to do what works for you! Good luck and keep us updated! x

Nicky :)


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Happy early birthday to me!!! Ok so last night I went out for my birthday and despite the cheeky couple of drinks there was still weight loss...woop!

This weeks total is -8lbs, meaning there is 10lbs more for me to lose in the next two weeks to meet my May goal.

5 more pounds and then I'm out of the 200s! I don't think I've been under 200 for a good 8 years now so this is super exciting for me.

Mini tasks for the week:

1. Lose at least 5lbs
2. Buy a new dress for wedding on Sat (all mine are too big now)
3. Drag ass to gym 4x


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Hey, love your diary title lol, good luck with it, like you I'm dying to be under 200, I'm sure you'll smash that goal! :)


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Thank you lovely...well if I fall of the wagon I fully give everyone permission to give me a cyber kick up the bum :)


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So I managed to survive making all the fry ups yesterday for my non-dieting hung over friends and I've survived putting the roast in the oven and not hungry at all - could it be after 7 weeks I really don't miss food all that much anymore?

Got to go for a walk later which the new man in my life doesn't seem to want to come on (in fact I'm pretty sure he doesn't like the diet at all - not that I care it's for me not him or anyone else). Won't go crazy like last week where I had far too much energy and probably burnt more cals than I should have through cycling and rowing.

Should also renew the gym membership, although the prospect of adding pole dancing classes to go along with my boxing seems more appealing. Hmmm decisions, decisions.


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Firstly well done on making the fry ups!!
Secondly do it do it do it! Pole dancing that is! Then report back with what its like!!!! ;-)


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I've done it twice both times on hen weekends, I loved it (apart from the bruises) but suck at it.

Right best go see where I can do it near me that doesn't involve a trek into London....


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Good luck :) in gonna have a look if there's anywhere near me :)


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Week 8 (I think, could be 7) Day 2

Right so I think I've had a productive afternoon. I've done all my lesson planning for the week, vainly attempted to find a new dress for my friend's wedding on Saturday and walked the dog (who is now in a mild state of coma). Slightly bored now to be honest! Maybe I'll just whack on a face pack and be done with it :D

Looking at Zumba classes and annoyingly the one closest to me they've now cancelled and it would have fitted in so well to one of my gym free days (grr). Hey ho! Maybe it is best I only stick to the boxing, gym and the prospect of pole.

Need to nip to Sainsbury's tomorrow and stock up on some more flavoured water and Coke/Dr Pepper Zero as I know tomorrow is going to be a rubbish day work wise, in fact I'm stressing about it again already and my cousin is wanting me to go to the pub to continue my birthday celebrations- so I get to watch everyone eat Chinese. All in all if I manage to stay TS tomorrow I'll be impressed. That being said if I want to get to my -5lbs for this week I have too.


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Forgot to get my drinking stock dammit!
Anywho, I think I may have made the meeting of doom out to be worse in my head than it actually was - so I'll be hanging on to the letter of resignation for now :)

I have noticed that I actually can't manage a full pack of my food when I'm stressed so I've had to half every pack today and eat six times rather than three. Hopefully be back to normal tomorrow.

Tonight's plan:
1) Gym
2) Pub (to watch my friends eat chinese for my birthday)
3)Come back and vent :)


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Week 8 Day 3 Summary

Survived the birthday chinese/ no chinese with no eating - probably helped that my friends knew I'd rip their arms off if they had ordered squid to be fair. Just sipped on some Coke Zero the pub had very nicely got in for me for the occasion (again helps I used to work there), got me thinking why can't every pub have Coke Zero on the post mix it's not that hard and surely Coca Cola do it hmmm.

Tomorrow's plan of action - 2 exam prep classes (their exam is on Friday eek), meeting, gym, prep cousin for job interview, boxing, rant on here, sleep.

Night one and all :)


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Week 8 Day 4

Stupidly tired and have the grumps - just as well I'm home alone I guess. Gym was good, boxing not so good as far too tired to do it well.
Now I should be doing work for tomorrow but for now I shall be content with vegging out on the sofa with my water.


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Week 8 Day 5

Still absolutely no energy - hoping it will be back tomorrow or I'll be snoozing when meeting parents.

Scales have been hidden but my inclination is I won't have lost anything this week, this may well be my plateau week :(


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Having a bit of a low day and feel completely unsupported - probably tiredness meh...hope everyone's having a better day than me :)

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