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Exante Soups..

Hi All

Im doing good on day 4 and had a sneaky peek on the scales ( half a stone down already :D )

I have a dilemma.... love the shakes but can't seem to stomach the soups, have added salt & pepper and still not :confused:

I have noticed people are selling on ebay unwanted flavours am thinking of doing the same as i can't afford more shakes when mine run out :cool:

Are we allowed to swap ? x
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:? Ok thank you,
Do you know if they can be sent back for other flavours at all? I didn't get a booklet with my pack so don't have a clue x
Hi I was the same as you, hated the soups then tried a tip from here and I actually quite enjoy them now. Try adding some chili flakes, makes it really nice!
Thank's ive bought some bits and bobs to put in that ive read up you can use on these forums :D x


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You'll get used to them. What you hate on day one, you'll love by day five. I know I did, I was starving !!!!
I didn't like the soups much (except Thai Chicken which I love!!) so when I re-ordered after the bumper pack I just bought shakes. I also much preferred the choc orange bars to the TNR ones so just ordered a pack of these. I then sold all my unwanted soups on ebay and bought a load of Thai Chicken with the money!! I now have exactly what I want and enough to last me until I come of exante :)
I might just do that if i can't stand the soup's anymore.... could live on the shakes :D x
id say you d be fine selling them on ebay some people do sell crap an these are allowed as they are not perscription or chemist only like lipotrim is not allowed on ebay but some do try x
Why would there be an issue with people who meet on here swapping products out of interest?

They are bought independently and if you happen to meet people on here who love Thai Chicken and you hate it, but love chocolate shakes, surely it makes sense? If my neighbour was doing Exante and we liked all different things then we'd just swap for example.

I think it would be a lovely idea to have a list/database of who likes what and do exchanges. Surely this would be safer than buying/selling on Ebay and risking getting out of date products and ripped off by postage.
Perhaps a mod could clarify. Thanks
Thanks Starlight, that makes sense - hadn't thought of spammers.

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