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Exante Support Group - join us if you are on Exante VLCD


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I am posting on the new page.... seems very fresh
My friend has recently joined up too. She is starting Exante on Monday so that's an extra one for us.
Well i'm feeling better today. I must admit to a tempory wobble. I fel t so ill last night, It came on very quickly, i felt very faint, i got home from work, opened a packed of thai chilli walkers sensations... And, i didn't eat one!!!!!! This is momentous for me.. I looked into the bag as thought about it, and yes i felt abit yuk but i wasn't hungry, i was quite full, I felt a bit poorly and food wasn't going to make that any better..
And i just feel like it was a lightbulb moment for me..
Still going through the cold thing, but i feel like embracing it as i know it is my body responding and working away all of the years of abuse.. and i feel pretty great about it


Happy to be slim at last
That's good that your fried has joined too. You will have a diet buddy which helps. I have a weekly virtual weigh in with two friends (all doing different plans) and also one with the guys on the Atkins boards. It really helps to keep you going.

Yep the cold thing is just one of those things you have to endure. It's worse when it's cold outside. But you get used to it.

And a big well done on not eating the crisps!!! That just goes to show that you really want this. I have failed so many times on diets before, but this time I know I really want it. A few more days and you won't feel so nasty. I had the "flu" feeling for a few days. Best thing is to try to busy yourself if you can. Just think about your first weigh in. You should loose quite a bit in the first week or two.

I am thrilled as weighed for my Atkins board weigh in and Friday to Friday, I had lost 6lbs. 5 of those have gone since Monday, so hoping for a bigger loss on my Monday to Monday weigh in for my friends group. It's hard doing these kind of diets, but so worth it, as it's such a short space of time.

Have you set yourself a time goal of how long you will stay on it for?


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I haven't really no.

Ideally i am 13st 10, well i was on monday.
I want to be in the 11stones somewhere.
I don't know where as i can't remember being there.
Also i am reasonably tall, and not the smallest build so i'm waiting to see what will look right on me. I've never wanted to be skinny... but i carry all my weight on my stomach and i'd like to loose it.

So i'm definatly sticking with the total plan for 4 weeks.
I was going to go onto the working solution if i really struggled, but alltho i feel a bit rubbish, i was expecting that, i have not felt hungry or deprived of food at all, quite the opposite actually.. so i'm gonna keep on this till i've lost a stone and a half i think. Maybe 2 stone if i can.
and i will just come off when i need to and continue to loose what i need on the working solution.... or at least that is what i am hoping


Happy to be slim at last
That's a good plan. I originally planned to stay on total for 12 weeks, but listened to my body after 4 weeks. You should shift 2 stone pretty quickly.


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Well i would like to think so.
I was slightly worried as i feel so full, and maybe a bit bloted, and i don't feel like im going without, makes me feel like i've not lost if you know what i mean.


Happy to be slim at last
Oh yes, I went through that. I posted about it on the low carb board when i started to eat my evening meal and they had all gone through that also. One guy put it into perspective and said it's because we are conditioned to believe that we will only lose weight if we are hungry and deprived. You will lose on this! You are having so little cals everyday that you have to lose.


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Well that's good then.
It's so much more handy having people who are following the same plan.
I just want to get the weekend out of the way so i can be closer to my weigh in, i can't wait to see.....


Happy to be slim at last
Oh your weigh in will be here before you know it. Keep yourself busy over the weekend, it will keep you mind of it!
I'm Ceri's friend, just waiting for my products to arrive, I'm so excited about it, don't think i've been excited before but there is something different about this time, apart from the fact that Ceri is doing it and I know if she can stick to it I can, I just can't stand another summer of feeling overweight and uncomfortable especially for my holiday in Mexico in July.

Will let you know when I start.....can't wait!

OK time to fess up - I never made it onto the shakes yesterday - God damn work got in the way, ended up at a "team building" lunch but was very good had much more meat than anything else but I am on today already had my first shake and this is it.

I weighed myself this morning and I now weight 16st so have already lost 7lb before starting the diet!! Yipee, so here we go................ Im sure I will be on here most of the day trying to keep away from the cravings!

Sorry for letting you down yesterday but no work and in full swing today!


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Mirium, welcome to the forum and out little Exante group!

It's so nice to have a few others doing the diet as there have been very few of us so far on this one.

I was also excited about starting the programme. For me I think it was because I made the decision to do it and that was it, I want it so much. I also didn't want to face another summer of feeling fat and horrible.

Sarah, I also delayed my start due to a family occassion. I thought it best as didn't want to go through agony on the very first day. So what did you think of your first shake? They are ok aren't they. The only shake I am not keen on is vanilla, but everyone has different tastes.

Good work on losing before the diet. I didn't reduce carbs before starting and suffered really badly withrawing from it. I was a carb junkie. So it should make things a lot better for you this first week.
Yeah I had chocolate this morning whuch was lovely. I added quite a bit of ice into it and that made it lovely and refreshing.

I am not feeling hungry at all so thats great stuff. I have got some ketostix to check when I have hit ketosis but so far so good.

How are you all?


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As far as I can make out it looks like they have three programmes that you can follow...Similar flavoured shakes as in Lipotrim/LL/CD/W8, they have bars as well.

Simple solution = 1200 calories

Working solution = 1000 calories

Total solution = 600 - 800 calories vlcd.

Simple solution you can buy on line and the other two you do through a consultant.

Check out their site

How it Works | how it works

I am sure someone who is doing it will be able to help.

Love Mini xxx


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Snap DQ! LOL

Our posts crossed in cyber space!
OK so feeling a bit like I am coming down with a cold, bit clammy but OK, easily solved with some water and mind on something else!!!!!!