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  1. Katiemc89

    Katiemc89 Member

    I currently attend weightwatchers meetings but am interested in giving exante total solution ago .But what im thinking is that still attending a weekly meeting would be a good idea as it still makes me accountable if I know im being weighed once a week , but thinking ahead to say a healthy bmi , weightwatchers wouldn't let you join but if I was already at meetings I would already have group support and a plan to keep the weight off . As the only thing worrying me about exante is what happens after you lose the weight . Was just interested in whether anyone else has done this or any advice people may have .
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Going to a WW meeting when you're on a vlcd isn't fair.

    How are you going to explain such big losses every week? Your class leader will be using your success as a success for her too and will possibly want to put you forward for awards. Also think how other WW members will feel, plugging away sticking religiously to plan. And losing maybe 1lb and you're losing maybe 3 every week. You could completely demoralise them and sabotage their diet.

    If you want to be weighed why not get your doctor or practise nurse to do it once a fortnight. Plus that won't cost you anything ;)
  4. scoobydo

    scoobydo Member

    Yeas starlight defo agree with you. I understand why would would like to do it this way katie but i kmow if i was a memeber i would be asking you what you were doing as you will be winning loser of the week all the time and then you are not passing on true hope to others x
  5. Katiemc89

    Katiemc89 Member

    Hi guys thanks for the replies and I agree with both of you and cancelled my membership to weightwatchers.The reason I still wanted weightwatchers was so I was help accountable by being weighed in however I now realise if I really want to change it has to come from me and I should have the motivation to hold myself accountable . So ive ordered my exante stuff and will be starting Monday .... I know its not going to be easy but im looking forward to seeing results
  6. scoobydo

    scoobydo Member

    Katie think you've made the right choice and I totally understand why. Good luck for Monday and lets just keep supporting each other. If you need any motivation, I did my 1st weigh on Friday morning and lost 11lb :D
  7. Missjodielb

    Missjodielb Full Member

    This is exactly what I have planned to do for a couple of week to kick start my weightloss. I will be honest with my group and let them know I am drastically limiting my points for a couple of weeks.

    I started today and so far so good. I feel a little weak and I have stomach ache but lately I have had stomach ache after eating anyway so I doubt it is related.

    Keep in touch let me know how you get on
  8. Katiemc89

    Katiemc89 Member

    Hi Nearly the end of day 1 , have been quite hungry but i was able to distract myself and im loving the packs . Had rasberry and white choc bar for breakfast , choc mint shake for dinner and double choc bar tonight only problem is i could eat much more that just my 3 a day lol . Scooby doo thats a brilliant loss and must spur you on , do you think it gets easier ? Im a bit worried as today hasnt been too bad but reading other posts it seems day 3 and 4 can be the worst
  9. KayThandi

    KayThandi New Member

    Hi Katie

    I started on exante last Tuesday and lost 6lb in the first week probably all water weight but I feel great - slight headache but just been drinking more fluids - have been feeling bloated with some wind problems but it settles at the last meal, I do prefer the shakes to be honest but have a mixed box so just trying everything.

    Day 3 is prob the worse but I did have some chicken wings for dinner as I missed my lunch that day so just had 6 of them at night coz I was out,
    But was back to normal next day and felt fine still lost so all good.

    Speak soon
  10. scoobydo

    scoobydo Member

    Hi Katie, everybody is different. I did cambridge 6 years ago and flew through it losing 4 stone but second time round it can be difficult as you know whats coming. Day 1 and 4 are my worst I think today is day 12 and I'm fine. once you've weighed in its easier but once in ketosis you will feel much better than now. Good luck and keep us posted x
  11. supergran

    supergran Going to do this......

    Katie how's it going?
  12. Katiemc89

    Katiemc89 Member

    hi supergran didnt go well :confused: found it way too hard and being sooo hungry was making me feel quite depressed , dont know how anyone can stick something like that out . Joined slimming world as few friends have had big sucess . Today is day 4 and going great

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