Exercise on LT


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Hey All,

Male - 27- new on LT (end of day 4, full compliance so far! :) ). Am trying to lose about 9.6st.

I would like to maximise losses and try to move to walking at least a few times a week to pick up good habits. Plus I'd like to 1-2 weights in per week.

Does anyone have any thoughts to share on exercise/exertion while on VLCDs? I'm just worried that I'll go too hard too soon, or the like.

Ultimately, I'd like to get back to running (which I was quite good about when I was 9.6st lighter!).

Any advice warmly warmly welcomed!

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rainbow brite

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Heya :) Just reached the end of day 4 myself too so know how you're feeling :) As for exercise it's not advised in the first week or two as you may experience fatigue and dizziness however after that you could try a little light exercise and if you feel fine build it up from there. Listen to your body though, if you feel at all like it's not a good idea you really must stop.

Welcome to the forum :)

~Gem xx


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I would be interested in this as well as I would like to start moderate exercise, but I will probably wait until after my first weigh in. That gives my body a week to have adapted. Like you, I am just finished day 5.


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I am starting this week, I dont intend on doing any exercise for the first week.. then I am gonna take up yoga as I have heard that it can really help avoid sagging skin.. I alsi have a treadmill and will be doing 4 half hour fast walks with a little incline per week then.. maybe working my way up to small jogs on week 4.... I think maybe the first two weeks not to do anything too strenuos as I also think this can make you really hungry after ifykwim.. I think I would want to be in the full throws of ketosis and very confident before I do any real workouts.. but definately want to do something as sagging skin is a side effect of quick weight loss and it can make the body look even worse than before weight loss ifykwim... good luck with it.xxx